Calling all Brides and Grooms (and significant support person)!!!  Come to a FUN event to assist you in planning your wedding in this up-close and personal event, unlike a large expo you will have a change to speak to the experts and Learn, Have Fun….a Perfectly Fabulous Day JUST FOR YOU!!!!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners is giving away 3 free tickets for our Chicagoland Area Brides at Eaglebrook Country Club!

Here is a great event for BRIDES and GROOMS, and your guests!!!!!

Event Date:  THIS Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Location:  Eaglebrook Country Club – Geneva IL  (CLICK HERE)

EVENT NAME:  Wedding Planning Bootcamp


One of our brides doing a ‘mock bouquet toss’. YES, our bride was able to KEEP the beautiful bouquet!

HOW DO YOU ENTER, you ask?  Here is how you enter:

1. Email us at: or CLICK HERE, and give us one wedding question or challenge for you

2. Be sure to provide your name and phone number! It’s that simple!

The contest ends at 3pm TOMORROW, April 27th!  The winner will be contacted by email.

Brides who attend the Wedding Planning Bootcamp will have a chance to hear  from Wedding Experts in many areas of planning your wedding including photography, videography, DJ and bands, as well as cake bakers, rentals (including linens), and demonstrations for airbrush makeup, DIY nails, hair up-do’s and more!

Open Registration ends by 11pm TOMORROW evening, Saturday, April 27th so those who wish to attend can register HERE or visit the site at:

CLICK HERE to VISIT the Chicago Wedding Planning Bootcamp Information Page


Wedding Transportation…Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck

Having a luxurious wedding on a budget means you really have to decide what is necessary and what will bring you the most satisfaction per dollar you spend. This is your day — how do you picture your wedding? Do you want a white stretched limo, a 20 passenger SUV, a limo bus, a trolley, a vintage car, or something else? The choices are many, but your first step will be to pick the mode of transportation that best represents your personality, the romance of the day, or even the simple things like matching the colors of your wedding. Traditionally, wedding transportation is one of the last items arranged, but keep in mind that this is definitely something that will leave a lasting impression on your wedding. Make your first ride together as husband and wife memorable for the right reasons.

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As far as costs, like everything else in life, you normally get what you pay for. Not all livery services are equal. You want to make sure that whatever service you choose reflects positively on your wedding. When making every dollar count, you don’t want to use your resources for something that sticks out as being less than premium. There are times when having a particular cut rate service is worse than not having a particular service at all. Determine what your needs really are. Even though you may be trying to stay within budget, make sure that your ride is what you think it will be. Many times, services that are priced differently are done so for a reason. Maybe the vehicles show their age or aren’t maintained properly. How do the chauffeurs of a particular company present themselves? What will they be wearing? Do you feel confident in their ability to arrive on time and get you to your destination on time and in a safe manner? It’s better to have a top of the line service that you will be happy with for a shorter period of time than a cut rate service that leaves a bad taste in your mouth for just a few dollars less. Once you have decided on a particular service, lock it in!

Ensure that you book as far enough in advance as possible to secure the type of transportation you want. If your desired mode of transportation is a unique or limited quantity type vehicle, it would be best to book at least four months in advance. For any formal mode of transportation, the absolute minimum to book is four weeks out. Remember, there might only be a limited amount of the type of service you’re looking for, so book as early as you can. Otherwise, you risk scrambling trying to reserve whatever might be left over. Make sure that you have a contract that locks in the specific vehicle and service that you want. If it’s important to you, it should be in the contract. If dealing with a reputable company, this will be a given.

Every wedding has different transportation needs. How much should you be spending on your wedding’s transportation? That answer is something that really has to come from you. Ensure that you educate yourself about what you can expect to get for a particular price point, then do the leg work to ensure that what you’re reserving is what you think you’re going to get. When you find exactly what you are looking for, you should know it without much internal debate. Have fun!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners assists couples with every aspect of planning their wedding, should they choose so, including their transportation.  We have some fabulous transportation vendors we have worked with, thus giving you the ability to relax and enjoy the ride!  This post was originally posted on our past website so we want to thank VINTAGE CHAUEFFEURING for this fabulous article as a featured vendor at one of our WEDDING PLANNING BOOTCAMPS



Show a Little Love To Your Bridesmaids!

As a bride, it is important to remember to love on those girlfriends you call BRIDESMAIDS. You want your best buds to stay that way after the wedding.


A bridesmaid will mean more to you as you get into the planning process, and they can be your lifeline to peace and tranquility through the entire process. Because of this, we have created a list for you as the bride, so you can keep the love flowing to the very end!

Remember that they have other responsibilities  — As the bride, it feels like a full time job and often it can become that way.  However, it is important to remember that your bridesmaids have other commitments (such as their families, job, hobbies, etc.) so be cautious of asking them to do too many DIY tasks along the way, especially on weekends.

Be kind and loving – they are not your personal servants — While you are asking your bridesmaids to do something for you, perhaps ask yourself if you would do the same for her… TRULY.  Remember, she is doing this because she loves you, so please remember to respect her and simply BE KIND throughout the process.

Pick a “Beauty of a Dress” — How many times have we heard ‘I will never wear this bridesmaid dress again! UGLY!’.  If you are the “Bridesmaid of 27 Dresses”, wouldn’t you want one you actually LIKED? While this day is certainly about celebrating the love between you and your Groom-To-Be, wouldn’t it be respectful to give your bridesmaid a day to also feel pretty and elegant?

Eliminate expectations you have of them — So often in life, as well as in planning a wedding, we can put expectations onto others and when they don’t meet our expectations it can turn things really sour. Communicate at the very beginning (if you haven’t asked your bridesmaids yet) what you would ‘appreciate’ from her and if she is able to do so.  Fill the days with lots of grace and appreciation and you will find your wedding planning process so much more enjoyable!

Lastly, just enjoy the privilege of extra time you get to spend with your girlfriends before you tie the knot! — You will look back on these special days and, if all goes well, you will remember it with fondness! (If you find you would like to hire a wedding planner to assist so you can enjoy time with your girlfriends, we are always happy to help!)


Wendy Spencer is a Professional Wedding Planner and Event Designer with experience in many aspects of the planning phases. Perfect Day Wedding Planners offers various services for brides planning their weddings including exquisite rentals, linens, florals and invitations; as well as various bridal accessories and planning with customized packages. <br>

Not only is Wendy known to have a calm head, great attention to detail, as well as working wonderfully in contract management of vendors, she loves to get to know her bridal couples on a personal level so their wedding day is just the way they envision! <br>




Wedding Planning Services and Packages-Which One is Best For You?

Take a Look and See What Works for You!

Now that you’ve determined hiring a wedding planner is where you want to turn for assistance as part of your wedding team, let us now examine the different services available to you as a general guideline. 


Four Different TYPES of Wedding Planning Packages Available Include:

·         Consultation Packages

·         Simple Packages

·         Partial Planning Packages

·         Full Service Packages


These services include when you meet with your wedding planner in the planning phase and receive assistance in carrying out a specific task for your wedding. This also includes any of the following: budget creation and guidance, venue search, vendor search, wedding design, candy/popcorn buffets, mini-course of coaching the DIY (Do It Yourself) bridal couple. 


These examples would include an important aspect of planning the wedding. 

Invitation and RSVP Management — Advice on wedding invitation etiquette, wording of invitations, managing the ordering and printing of the invitations, as well as the mailing and management of the RSVP’s when they arrive.  Many wedding planners offer bridal sites to keep it all together in one place.  Perfect Day Wedding Planners uses Wedding Workbook PRO.

Guest Gift Bags and Wedding Favors — Creating, selecting and preparing them.

Planning any Wedding-Related Parties — Including Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinners and Wedding Breakfasts.

Venue Setup — Ensures that the wedding décor is done just as the bride and groom have requested, the flowers have arrived and decorated, the candles, favors, guest book, table décor and place cards are put out. Ensures the wedding cake table is ready with serving utensils. Checking to be sure the lighting is complete and the entertainment has arrived and is set up.



This planning package typically begins  after most of the planning has been done, however, some planners will also offer a package leading up to the BIG day, depending on the bride’s wish.

Wedding Management Four to Six Months before the wedding — This is where your wedding planner is a lifesaver. You might be feeling a little stressed, short on time or even behind in your wedding tasks. The planner will review and confirm all of the vendor contracts and create a detailed timeline to ensure everything is complete.

 “Day Of” Coordination — The ‘Day Of’ Coordinator will typically come into the process about two months before so they can get caught up to speed on what has been done, what is expected to happen on your wedding day, as well as reviewing all the vendor contracts and contacting them to confirm all the services you have paid for. A wedding day timeline will also be created so everyone can follow what needs to be done. This is actually ideal for couples on a budget, but sometimes the money is well-spent to hire your planner earlier on, as there is so much for them to get caught up on. Many brides find themselves wishing, after the wedding is over, that they had hired the wedding planner from the beginning because she brought so much value to the day.



Your full service wedding planner is yours from the very beginning to the very end of the wedding planning process. Wedding planners love this package as it allows them to be part of the process from the very beginning, developing a relationship with the bridal couple, seeing their dreams become a reality.

Full Service Packages might include the following:

  • Initial meeting to discuss wedding design and doing it the way the couple wishes
  • Follow up in-person meetings, with unlimited phone, email and texting updates
  • Budget creation and management
  • Venue search
  • Vendor recommendation and management of details
  • Attendance at vendor meetings
  • Contract negotiation
  • Customized timeline
  • Invitation and RSVP Management
  • Advice on etiquette and traditions for their ceremony
  • Rehearsal coordination
  • Full ‘Day Of’ coordination at the ceremony and reception (up to 10 hours)

As an engaged couple, there are many options for you to choose when determining how involved you want to be in the process. Whichever option you choose, we are sure you will be very pleased with the value you receive, allowing you time to spend with your soon-to-be-husband!

Any questions you might have on our wedding planning services, are welcomed by Chicagoland’s suburban premier wedding planners, Perfect Day Wedding Planners



Free Tickets to WEDDING PLANNING BOOTCAMP at Eaglebrook

Our next Wedding Planning Bootcamp is among us in less than two weeks on April 28th at Eaglebrook Country Club in Geneva, IL, after our one in March, we are very excited for another wonderful group of brides to share everything we can about planning a wedding!
HEA_0648-(ZF-2235-43241-1-058) (640x424)

April 28th is our date for the next Wedding Planning Bootcamp, held ad Eaglebrook Country Club in Geneva, IL. Pre-registration is required. CLICK HERE for more information.

A sample of our afternoon seminar includes a room full of blushing brides, fabulous food by Eaglebrook’s chef, and information binders for brides to follow along with if they choose! Our local wedding experts will share everything beginning with the wedding venue and ways to have a beautiful venue on a budget; the value of wedding coordination for your “Day Of” to save you time and dress; as well as how to order and choose your linens and florals; wedding photography choices, wedding entertainment and the value of your DJ and so much more! We are very excited to have a photo booth of fun, demonstrations of hair, nails and makeup; fabulous health and wellness tips and beautiful sandals to add to your honeymoon travel.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wants give away THREE free tickets (includes one guest per ticket) to the WEDDING PLANNING BOOTCAMP on April 28th! CLICK HERE for more information on the event.


1. Enter a comment below about your wedding planning challenge at the moment, along with your wedding date and venue if you have them set.

2. Email us by CLICKING HERE with the subject “I entered your giveaway” and we will know to enter you into the giveaway

3. All brides who win will be notified by email so be sure to complete #2 above! We will draw the THREE winners of the giveaway on TUESDAY, APRIL 21st, 2013, so stay tuned….

The purpose of this half day workshop is to support, inform and educate a bride so she feels prepared for the journey ahead, as well as know what to consider and look out for in the process. We heard all morning from brides how much they appreciated the “Non-Wedding Expo” format, but rather learning about what is ahead-your wedding.


Brides registering at Wedding Planning Bootcamp

If you do not want to wait to determine if you win this giveaway, you can REGISTER HERE for your ticket to the WEDDING PLANNING BOOTCAMP with a $20 off discount by entering promotion code: 20off today.for those who viewed this blog.

Happy Planning! Best of luck to all of you!


Perfect Day Wedding Planners

Wedding Planning Bootcamp-Event Organizer



CLICK HERE for information on the Wedding Planning Bootcamp

New Website! New Blog!


Perfect Day Wedding Planners is so excited to launch our newly designed blog!  With a new website also comes change and one of the changes we realized, was that we were going to have to lose years of past blog posts.  So, this blog is starting out BRAND NEW with lots of new ideas and tips, styles, design and information for our brides!

Perfect Day Wedding Plannerswill be more than happy to help you plan your Wedding Day! Let us take the stress out of the planning process and have you enjoy every minute of your special day. Working with all budgets, and offering a variety of services to include: Full Wedding Planning, Partial, and Wedding Day of  Coordination; along with simple design services (rentals, floral and invitations). Each couple we customize to fit their requests!

CONTACT US here for a FREE Coffee ‘N Chat Consultation, or a FREE Phone Consultation to discuss your wedding!  Or, we can be reached at 630-882-9158.

This blog will be inserted into our new website but in the meantime, CLICK HERE to visit us at our website.

Happy Planning!