Show a Little Love To Your Bridesmaids!

As a bride, it is important to remember to love on those girlfriends you call BRIDESMAIDS. You want your best buds to stay that way after the wedding.


A bridesmaid will mean more to you as you get into the planning process, and they can be your lifeline to peace and tranquility through the entire process. Because of this, we have created a list for you as the bride, so you can keep the love flowing to the very end!

Remember that they have other responsibilities  — As the bride, it feels like a full time job and often it can become that way.  However, it is important to remember that your bridesmaids have other commitments (such as their families, job, hobbies, etc.) so be cautious of asking them to do too many DIY tasks along the way, especially on weekends.

Be kind and loving – they are not your personal servants — While you are asking your bridesmaids to do something for you, perhaps ask yourself if you would do the same for her… TRULY.  Remember, she is doing this because she loves you, so please remember to respect her and simply BE KIND throughout the process.

Pick a “Beauty of a Dress” — How many times have we heard ‘I will never wear this bridesmaid dress again! UGLY!’.  If you are the “Bridesmaid of 27 Dresses”, wouldn’t you want one you actually LIKED? While this day is certainly about celebrating the love between you and your Groom-To-Be, wouldn’t it be respectful to give your bridesmaid a day to also feel pretty and elegant?

Eliminate expectations you have of them — So often in life, as well as in planning a wedding, we can put expectations onto others and when they don’t meet our expectations it can turn things really sour. Communicate at the very beginning (if you haven’t asked your bridesmaids yet) what you would ‘appreciate’ from her and if she is able to do so.  Fill the days with lots of grace and appreciation and you will find your wedding planning process so much more enjoyable!

Lastly, just enjoy the privilege of extra time you get to spend with your girlfriends before you tie the knot! — You will look back on these special days and, if all goes well, you will remember it with fondness! (If you find you would like to hire a wedding planner to assist so you can enjoy time with your girlfriends, we are always happy to help!)


Wendy Spencer is a Professional Wedding Planner and Event Designer with experience in many aspects of the planning phases. Perfect Day Wedding Planners offers various services for brides planning their weddings including exquisite rentals, linens, florals and invitations; as well as various bridal accessories and planning with customized packages. <br>

Not only is Wendy known to have a calm head, great attention to detail, as well as working wonderfully in contract management of vendors, she loves to get to know her bridal couples on a personal level so their wedding day is just the way they envision! <br>





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