Wedding Transportation…Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck

Having a luxurious wedding on a budget means you really have to decide what is necessary and what will bring you the most satisfaction per dollar you spend. This is your day — how do you picture your wedding? Do you want a white stretched limo, a 20 passenger SUV, a limo bus, a trolley, a vintage car, or something else? The choices are many, but your first step will be to pick the mode of transportation that best represents your personality, the romance of the day, or even the simple things like matching the colors of your wedding. Traditionally, wedding transportation is one of the last items arranged, but keep in mind that this is definitely something that will leave a lasting impression on your wedding. Make your first ride together as husband and wife memorable for the right reasons.

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As far as costs, like everything else in life, you normally get what you pay for. Not all livery services are equal. You want to make sure that whatever service you choose reflects positively on your wedding. When making every dollar count, you don’t want to use your resources for something that sticks out as being less than premium. There are times when having a particular cut rate service is worse than not having a particular service at all. Determine what your needs really are. Even though you may be trying to stay within budget, make sure that your ride is what you think it will be. Many times, services that are priced differently are done so for a reason. Maybe the vehicles show their age or aren’t maintained properly. How do the chauffeurs of a particular company present themselves? What will they be wearing? Do you feel confident in their ability to arrive on time and get you to your destination on time and in a safe manner? It’s better to have a top of the line service that you will be happy with for a shorter period of time than a cut rate service that leaves a bad taste in your mouth for just a few dollars less. Once you have decided on a particular service, lock it in!

Ensure that you book as far enough in advance as possible to secure the type of transportation you want. If your desired mode of transportation is a unique or limited quantity type vehicle, it would be best to book at least four months in advance. For any formal mode of transportation, the absolute minimum to book is four weeks out. Remember, there might only be a limited amount of the type of service you’re looking for, so book as early as you can. Otherwise, you risk scrambling trying to reserve whatever might be left over. Make sure that you have a contract that locks in the specific vehicle and service that you want. If it’s important to you, it should be in the contract. If dealing with a reputable company, this will be a given.

Every wedding has different transportation needs. How much should you be spending on your wedding’s transportation? That answer is something that really has to come from you. Ensure that you educate yourself about what you can expect to get for a particular price point, then do the leg work to ensure that what you’re reserving is what you think you’re going to get. When you find exactly what you are looking for, you should know it without much internal debate. Have fun!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners assists couples with every aspect of planning their wedding, should they choose so, including their transportation.  We have some fabulous transportation vendors we have worked with, thus giving you the ability to relax and enjoy the ride!  This post was originally posted on our past website so we want to thank VINTAGE CHAUEFFEURING for this fabulous article as a featured vendor at one of our WEDDING PLANNING BOOTCAMPS




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