Tuesday Tips – Outdoor Weddings

perfect day wedding planners amanda and andrew bride entering ceremonyDuring the summer and fall we see a lot more outdoor weddings. Sometimes the ceremony is inside and then the reception outside, or vice versa. Unfortunately, the weather is not always your friend. Obviously the best case scenario is that it is a beautiful sunny day with minimal wind. And that is what we hope for you! But, just in case the day is not ideal, it is always best to have a “Plan B” in place.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when planning an outdoor wedding:

  1. Be sure and let guests know that it is an outdoor wedding so they can plan their attire accordingly. They may want to bring an umbrella, wear flats instead of heels, bring a sweater, etc.
  2. Be sure and order a tent just in case it rains. Make sure to have people on hand who can put it up at the last minute. Or go ahead and have it up and if it’s not needed, it can be used for a kids area!
  3. Consider also ordering temporary floors for use in the tent. High heels and chair legs WILL sink in the wet grass.
  4. Have the grounds sprayed for bugs about an hour before the ceremony or reception starts. Also, have bottles of mosquito spray handy for guests.
  5. In case of wind, you don’t want all your candles to blow out. Put hurricane lamps around all of your candles. Or use battery operated lights for your decor instead of candles.
  6. Have your seamstress sew some tiny weights on the end of your veil. This will keep it from blowing in your face.
  7. Make sure that any table decorations are weighted down — things like seating cards, paper napkins, etc.
  8. Face your guests away from the sun to avoid a glare. Also, avoid metal chairs if it’s going to be hot.
  9. Provide lemonade or water to keep your guests from getting dehydrated. If there’s a chance it might be cooler than normal, provide hot coffee and tea.
  10. Print your ceremony program on thick fan shaped paper. This will be practical and useful in case it’s a hot day.

Let Perfect Day Wedding Planners help with all the details of your wedding. We’ll worry about the details, so you can have fun and celebrate. Email us today for a consultation!



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