Thursday Trends — Destination Weddings

Perfect Day Wedding Planners  Destination Wedding — Beachfront Ceremony

Believe it or not, some destination weddings can come in under the cost of a traditional wedding at a local venue. You will just be spending your money in a different way. You will probably end up inviting fewer guests and be able to spend more intimate time with them during the wedding festivities.

When you have a lot of family spread out, it’s the perfect way to bring everyone together. Quality family time in a gorgeous locale, with your closest loved ones, will be that much more special than a huge guest list of people you don’t know as well. What’s not to love about this?

Here are a few questions for you and your spouse-to-be to ask yourselves when considering a destination wedding possibility:

  1. Do you have a specific resort or destination (country) in mind?
  2. Are you looking for an all inclusive resort?
  3. Are you looking for an adults’ only resort?
  4. Do you want a quiet, romantic resort or a more upbeat and lively one?
  5. Do you prefer a fabulous beach or is having a great pool more important?
  6. What kind of room options do you prefer (ocean view, standard, Jacuzzi suites, etc.)?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners — Destination Weddings — Sandals Grande St. Lucian All-Inclusive Resort

Remember, though, that destination weddings can be tricky to plan from far away. It’s really important to not be shy about asking lots of questions. Whether you are planning a wedding in the Bahamas or a Vineyard in Napa Valley, make sure you compare at least 3-4 venues before making your final decision. Here’s a few questions to consider:

1. Is the date available? (Aha….the most important question!)

2. What are a few of the best features of a wedding at your facility versus your competitors?

3. What kind of wedding packages do you offer? Or is everything custom or à la carte?

4. If there is not a specific wedding package, how are weddings priced? Is there a per guest price?

5.  How do prices vary according to the season, day of the week, or time of day?

One bonus about destination weddings is that the celebrations are usually spread out over several days. This creates a wonderful opportunity for more celebrations, such as dinners, parties and even a little sightseeing! You can lavish your dearest friends and family with unique activities, experiences and group events.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners -- Destination Weddings -- Alberca

Perfect Day Wedding Planners — Destination Weddings — Alberca

We would be honored to help you plan your perfect destination wedding. Let’s get together over coffee and dream about it together. CONTACT US for a consultation — we’re offering 20% off for our services when you book by August, 2013. 



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