Tuesday Tips – Wedding Rentals: Part 1-Linens

This is a two-part series on Wedding Rentals. Come back for next week’s Tuesday Tips as we discuss other rental items like chargers, glassware, silverware, backdrops, lighting and MORE!
perfect day wedding planners reception chivari chair cover and rentalsAfter you decide the basic theme and color scheme of your wedding, picking out your linens is one of the most important (and costly) decisions you will make. Your choices will be very visible since there will be several tables and areas that need covering. Be sure to work closely with your wedding planner in making these decisions. They have relationships and experiences with vendors and are able to steer you in the right direction.

Here are some important things to consider as you decide on linen rentals.

Venue — Closely consider the decor and color of the room where your reception will be held. You may want to re-think having purple and yellow linens if the walls and carpet are green with red accents.


Measurements — Confirm with your venue the exact table sizes that you will be utilizing. In addition to your guest tables, don’t forget to include the buffet, cake, guest book, escort cards, gifts, and your sweetheart or head table. Be sure and bring this list to your consultation with the linen company. It’s always a good idea to order a few extra linens just in case something spills beforehand or there is unexpected damage. TIP: When measuring a round guest table — measure the diameter; add drape. Example: A 42-inch diameter round table with a 9-inch drape would require a 60-inch round tablecloth.

Quinsey_0114 (Medium)

Colors — This is one of the most important decisions when considering your linens. Be careful not to use your main color too much. Choosing more neutral colors (white, creme, tan or black) as your backdrop linens and then accenting with your bolder main colors in the form of chair sashes, napkins and centerpieces is probably your best option. TIP: Your designer (PDWP is a designer as well as a planner) can assist with your color theme, and can help with what linens are a nice compliment.

Chair Covers –If the chairs available at your venue are unsuitable, you may consider chair covers. Make absolutely certain the chair covers you want actually fit the chairs you will be using. We strongly suggest ordering a cover and the trying it on the chairs so that you are 100% sure they will fit. The alternative to chair covers is to rent nicer chairs, but keep in mind that the existing chairs would have to be removed and stored which may be an extra cost with your venue. This is just something to double check on. TIP: When ordering your chair covers, ask if the sash is included in the cost. At PDWP our sashes are included with the chair cover (cost savings).

perfect day wedding planners chair cover, and table runner and charger rentals

Accent Pieces — There are many other rental linens to consider as accent pieces. Table runners, overlays, sashes and napkins are just a few of the options. Choosing a napkin in an alternating color from your tablecloth and embellishing with a ribbon or flower is a classy look.


Remember, your wedding planners have a lot of experience in this area. Because of this, they can help make this a relatively stress-free part of your decision making. Don’t try and do it all alone!

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