Thursday Trends — How Can Social Media Be Used for Your Wedding?

These days, weddings are not only a social event, they are a social MEDIA event! Even before the couple can walk back down the aisle officially as Mr. and Mrs., there are probably pictures up on Facebook and Instagram! This trend can be a good thing and a bad thing.

The Good:

You will be a busy couple on your wedding day and there’s no way your photographer will be able to catch every moment. In the “old days”, receptions tables were set with disposable cameras to allow guests to catch those unseen moments. With the onslaught of digital cameras and smart phones, there are many ways of capturing all the special moments and fun that your guests are having.

Photo Credit :: Kim Moriguchi (@guchi99)

A trend we’re seeing is assigning a personalized #hashtag for Twitter and Instagram sharing. Hashtags are basically a way to gather all your guests’ photos together in one spot for you to see. For instance, John & Jane are getting married on June 30th — a good hashtag (that hasn’t been used yet or won’t get hijacked) would be #John&Jane6302013. Keep it original and be sure and let your guests know beforehand and at the ceremony and reception.

wedding hashtag

Great display sign to show your personalized Twitter & Instagram #hashtag!

You can inform your guests with a sign on display at the event (see picture at left of one you can purchase on, but you’re probably better off also including it with the favors or something else that guests will be actually taking home with them at the end of the evening.

There are also a few iPhone and Android apps that are free and easy to set-up for yourself and your guests. Check out Wedding Party App which can also be integrated with the free wedding website This is another GREAT way to share your engagement story and wedding details online.

Wedding Party App

Another iPhone and Android app we’re seeing is Wedding Snap App. It’s not free, but it definitely has a lot of features that are worth the extra money.

For guests that are not able to make the wedding, live viewing is an option. One such streaming option is Ustream. You can even assign a password so that only people you allow are able to view it.

The Bad:

Unplugged Wedding Request from the Couple |

Maybe you don’t want everyone sharing all your wedding pictures online. Maybe you’d rather everyone just keep their phones at home and focus on the festivities and the fun. That’s OK too! Many couples are ruling their wedding as a “Camera Free Zone” or “Unplugged” because it can actually interfere with the PAID photographer in doing their job well.

If this is your wish, be sure and make your feelings about social media known. Put a note in your wedding program to let your guests know. Make an announcement. Put a sign on every table or at the entrance to your ceremony and reception hall. Be sure and send out a link to the online gallery of your photographer so they can order prints. And finally, if you are a guest at an unplugged wedding, by all means RESPECT the couple’s wishes!



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