Feature Friday: Airbrush Makeup and What to Consider for Your Wedding!

We are now launching our “FEATURE FRIDAY” once in a while — posts filled with information about wedding experts we feel are professional and that we want to share with you, the bride.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners airbrush makeup makeupToday’s FEATURE FRIDAY is our Chicago area Airbrush Makeup Expert from Outer Beauty Airbrush Makeup.

1) What is the difference of airbrush makeup? Airbrush makeup is applied with an airbrush gun using a low powered compressor. Airbrush makeup is not regular store bought foundation! It is a specialized blend that is made to be transfer and sweat-resistant. It is made especially for use with the compressor so that just the right amount is dispensed in the right consistency

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2) What is difference between airbrush and standard makeup application? As opposed to standard (regular) makeup foundation application using a brush or sponge, airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush gun and cosmetic low powered compressor. Instead of “cakeing” on makeup with a sponge or brush, the airbrush makeup comes out in thousands of tiny drops of foundation which dries almost instantly. This allows for a flawless, even finish, feeling light as if you were not wearing anything at all! Also, airbrush makeup is not limited to the face! It effortlessly and quickly blends and covers the neck and decollete, and can even be used as far as the shoulders and back. As a bride, don’t let someone “slather” foundation on your face…airbrush it on!

3) What can we expect on our wedding day from an airbrush makeup experience?  What happens? Working in the wedding industry you quickly learn that, for the bride, the wedding day can be stressful. It is my job, as a makeup artist and friend, to make it as stress free as possible. The day of the wedding we come early to set up, stick to a timeline that the bride approves (with assistance from her Chicago wedding planner) and get to work! With big wedding parties, Outer Beauty will bring any needed assistants or an additional makeup artist, so that all runs smoothly and on time. The makeup application is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable.





4) How does airbrush makeup work with my wedding photographs?  Airbrush makeup has long been used in TV and film as well as commercial print. It is fitting then, that it’s used in wedding photographs. In working with many photographers, they have said that not only does it photograph beautifully, but also limits editing to the face. There is a remarkable difference in bridal photographs from someone that had their makeup airbrushed and those that have not. Needless to say, airbrushed makeup looks flawless and will help make your lifetime event a timeless treasure.

5)  Does airbrush makeup work/is it suggested for people with skin allergies? What about someone going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments (such as a mom for cancer)?  When working with a product that is transfer, sweat resistant it is hard to say that it is hypoallergenic. HOWEVER, it has not had any adverse affects on anyone I have worked on. In fact, I met a bride that said she cannot use ANYTHING on her face, including high-end hypoallergenic makeup such as Clinque or prescriptives. She came to me curious if her face would break out and be itchy like it has reacted in the past. Well, there was only one way to find out! After I airbrushed her, I sent her on her way and told her to email me with any good or bad reactions. To her surprise, she did not break out, she was not itchy, and she said that she wouldn’t even THINK of doing her makeup any other way for her wedding!  That is also why this makeup is fantastic on, not just people with sensitive skin or allergies, but also individuals going through chemotherapy or radiation.





6) What can I expect from a makeup preview session and what is included in this?  Makeup previews are done in studio and can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. This all depends on the bride and how comfortable she is with the makeup (and how much fun we are having). With the preview, we start by talking about the wedding. How the bride’s hair will look; what color is the wedding gown; and what theme is she looking to create…i.e. traditional, vintage, modern, etc. With that, I create a look that I feel would be flattering to the bride. We do eye makeup, lashes, airbrush foundation, blush and lips. From there, we critique the look and see what we can add or change, so the bride feels 110% comfortable before signing the contract.




Where did you get your experience?  I began working in 2006 with an amazing makeup artist that has worked for CBS, wedding magazines, NARS, and MAC  to name a few. She took me under her wing and taught me everything I know. Makeup is a constantly changing industry, all based on fashion and seasons, so it’s important to keep learning. Currently I am certified by a Los Angeles school — Last Looks Academy, Outstanding Achievement in Eye Makeup.

-How many weddings do you do in a day? Typically, Chicago is a seasonal city for weddings. During the spring, summer and fall I can have anywhere from 1-2 weddings a weekend and several previews during the week. In the winter months, weddings are sparse, so that’s when I take advantage of my “free” time and involve myself in Bridal Boot Camps, taking classes, organizing classes and teaching makeup application, as well as volunteering for various cancer programs and Feed My Starving Children.

-Any tips for a bride?  Remember, we are not here to make you look like a drag queen, but a better more glamorous version of yourself! Communication is key! I always encourage brides to invest in a good lip gloss (my favorite is NARS)  and some translucent powder for the face (such as bare minerals, mineral veil). Like all girls, we have bad hair days and even bad face days. Your wedding day is NOT to be one of those days! Hire someone to pamper you and make sure you do not have a bad face day! You want to look back at your wedding and see how beautiful you really looked!

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