Tuesday Tips — Who Wouldn’t Love an Edible Wedding Favor?

Wedding favors are a huge part of “giving back” and showing thanks to your friends and family. It’s also a way to really let your creativity as a couple show in the choice of your theme, colors or geographical location. Edible wedding favors are a delectable and nice touch. Give your guests a kiss of chocolate, a hint of mint, or a satisfying sweet taste as the celebration of your fabulous wedding continues.

Here are just a few creative choices as you work out the details with your Chicago area wedding planner:

Perfect Day Wedding Planners bride and groom cake pops

Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Yummy and personalized sugar cookies wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied off with ribbons in your colors are always a sweet hit. Your guests will probably end up eating them before the day is over!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Wedding Cookie Favors

Personalized Gourmet Cookies

These coffee favor packets can be incorporated in to your tablescape, placed on each plate, or on display for guests to take when they leave for the evening. They may need some strong black coffee the next morning depending on how hard they celebrated your day!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding favor coffee packet

Coffee Packs

These wrapped Krispy Kreme donuts are likely to be eaten before the main course! Or maybe they’ll be the perfect snack in the middle of the night after the wedding. Who can resist?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding favors donuts

Wrapped and Personalized Donuts!

Everyone loves milk and chocolate chip cookies! Maybe there is a local dairy or organic farm that have some small milk bottles like the ones below. Could you talk Grandma into making her super secret, special ingredient homemade cookies?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding favors milk and cookies

Chocolate Milk / Milk & Cookies

How about a spot of tea? Loose tea in a tin container all wrapped up in a bow looks very classy. Personalize them with a sticker and they could also double as place cards!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Loose Tea Wedding Favors

Loose Tea in Tin Container



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