Tuesday Tips–Flower Girl Frocks

Perfect Day Wedding Planners flower girlYou’ve gone back and forth about who to have as your flower girls. Do you ask your pre-teen nieces? Or the little girls you were a nanny for over the last year? It sure would be easier with the older ones. But the littles are so cute! Ahhhhh…maybe you can just have them all. Or none. Again, so many big and little decisions for a wedding!

Most girls look for any excuse to dress like a princess, so being a flower girl can be a dream come true. Here’s a few tips for their ensemble:

The Skinny: Her parents traditionally pay for the flower girl’s attire, so unless you’re planning on making a gift of it, be up-front about this when you ask their permission to include her in your wedding.


The Fancy: There are differing opinions about whether the flower girl should dress like the bride or the bridesmaids. How about a combination of both by adding a sash to their dress in the colors of the wedding? Perfect Day Wedding Planners flower girl dress tangerine

The Style: No matter how racy your maids might be, flower girl dresses are nearly always high-necked and tea- or floor-length.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners flower girl pink

The Hair and Accessories: Keep it simple. A basket of petals or a pomander is probably plenty for her to handle. Consider the age and maturity level. What is she really going to be able to wear or carry? If you know that floral crown is going to be off your two year old niece’s head within minutes, you may want to reconsider it. A cute bow or braiding is probably best for this age.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners flower girl dress gem color

No matter what, they’re gonna be cute and put a smile on everyone’s face. After the ceremony they may kick off their shoes, undo their braids and flick off their bows–but it’s okay. Their responsibilities are done and they deserve to have a little fun like everyone else.



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