Thursday Trends–Candy Bars & Buffets: Top 5 Things to Consider

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Candy Buffet and Sweets Table

Life is short, eat candy! Sugary treats at weddings aren’t anything new, but the trend of having a whole table dedicated to PURE CANDY is one that has taken off like a lightening bolt! We guarantee your guests will gather around this buffet several times throughout the day and night. And here’s five sweet ideas to keep them coming back again and again.

1. Color — You’ll of course want to match your wedding theme. Stick with a monochromatic look or go all out with a rainbow of colors and candy types. Also, different shades of the same color looks really chic.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Purple and Silver Candy Buffet and Sweets Table

2. Variety — So many sweets, so little time! Malted Milk Balls™, marshmallows, rock candy, Hershey’s Kisses®, gumballs, gummy worms or bears, Pixy Stix, candy sticks, Jordan almonds, lollipops, Tootsie Rolls®, salt water taffy . . . we’re only scratching the surface of your choices. Maybe you’d like to have all the old time candy products like this site offers.  Click here to look through our “Candy Buffet Inspiration Board” on Be sure and follow us while you’re there.

3. Labels — Tell your guests what they are sweetening up with by labeling each item. There are lots of free printables available online like this or this. Or pass this detail on to your wedding planner.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Decorated Wedding Table with Candy Bar

4. Levels — Display the treats in different sizes of glass jars or bowls. Make sure you have varying levels so it is pleasing to the eye and easy to reach. We recommend having your wedding planner do all the set up or hiring a candy buffet company to take care of everything from purchasing to set up to clean up. This will ensure you have an expert looking display.

5. Double Duty — Your candy buffet can also serve as your wedding favor. Have some bags customized with your names or a sweet saying like this. Place them on the table so your guests can take their treats home. You could also display this lovely poem in a frame:

Step right up to this candy buffet, 

It’s a sweet addition to a wonderful day.

This is a treat we are offering you, 

On this day when we say “I Do”.

Use the scoop, choose what you like, 

Leave some for others, be polite.

As you enjoy your bag of treats,

Please remember

Love Is Sweet!

Do you have any other suggestions for sweetening up the candy buffet?



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