Tuesday Tips–Receiving Lines . . . Yay or Nay?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Receiving Line Sweetheart TableHow in the world are you going to see, talk to and thank everyone who comes to your wedding?! You definitely want to extend your gratitude to friends and family who traveled from afar, and receiving lines have usually been the solution to this dilemma. Traditionally, they are also considered good and proper etiquette. But most wedding traditions and etiquette are being questioned like crazy these days! If you decide to buck the status quo, here are other options beyond the traditional receiving line based on the number of people attending your day.

  • Having fewer than about 50 guests? Have a cocktail hour right after your ceremony. After you get those last few pictures done, head on over where everyone is gathered!
  • For a guest list of about 100, you could just have your officiate dismiss guests row by row. You could stay at the front of your ceremony site or just outside the entry doors.
  • Any wedding over 150 guests should probably include the typical receiving line at the reception site or NO LINE AT ALL!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Receiving Line Thank You

Finally, it is not a necessity to have a receiving line at your wedding. Focus on talking to your family and then meet the remaining guests on the dance floor, where you will likely spend the rest of the evening anyway.  Whatever option you decide on as a couple will be great. Do what fits your personalities and the “feel” of your wedding. Make sure your guests have fun and feel thanked and it’ll all work out just fine.



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