Tuesday Tips–Four Things To Look For In A Travel Agent or Honeymoon Planner

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Your honeymoon is probably the most important trip you will ever take. It also represents a significant financial investment for the two of you. So doesn’t it make sense to work with a travel agent that takes an active interest in you as a couple?

Here are four things a good honeymoon planner or travel agency will do when helping you plan your perfect honeymoon:

1. They will take the time to get to know you. They are eager to learn about your likes and dislikes, what your budget is,  and what the words “trip of a lifetime” means to you.

2. They offer to formulate options and itineraries based on your personal information and their own experiences with multiple destinations and resorts.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Travel Agency Travel Agent Honeymoon Planner

3. They are able to put together a personalized package, including airfare, hotels, transfers and insurance. A travel agent can typically save you a considerable amount of money. They can offer you unpublished discounted pricing and get special upgrades that you couldn’t get on your own.

4. They offer to send you a presentation complete with photos, resort amenities and excursions so that you can really envision what your honeymoon will be like. You might have a perfect geographical location in mind for your honeymoon, but do you know the best place to stay to enjoy real quiet time? A good travel agent knows where you can enjoy high adventure, what resorts treat you like royalty, and where you can get the best service…plus a whole lot more.

When you use a honeymoon planner (or travel agent), the work, worry and stress is removed from your plate. You’ll get everything at a fantastic price, without all the time consuming hassle of planning it yourself. Contact your wedding planner today for recommendations on travel agents they have had experience with. They are your best source!

Combine your desires with the expert travel knowledge of a seasoned agent and your honeymoon will be perfect from start to end.



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