Thursday Trends–Bucking Wedding Traditions Part 1

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Things Your Wedding Can Do Without Beautiful BrideIt seems the trend these days in some weddings is to buck tradition. If your budget is already stretched, sometimes it’s best to reevaluate what things are a must and what things you can do without. We have so many ideas for you in this area that we’re gonna spread them out into two parts.

Here’s the first six things to consider doing without for your wedding:

1. SAVE-THE-DATES — Skip the printed postcards announcing  your wedding date and use e-vites, Facebook, email and the old-fashioned phone to spread the word to out-of-town guests.   (NOTE:  We still feel, however, that there is HUGE value in having this personal touch.)

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Save the Date

2.  RELATIVES TWICE REMOVED — The more you can trim your guest list, the more money you’ll save overall!   Keep the invite list to the must-haves, then send out a wedding announcement to the masses when all is said and done.

3.  LARGE BRIDAL PARTY — While it may look impressive in wedding photos, a large bridal party is going to cause more headache, stress and strain on the wallet.  (You can still incorporate those who have a special place in your heart, by giving them a special task or project to be a part of your wedding.)

4.  MATCHY-MATCHY DRESSES — Don’t even pretend you’re going to find a magical dress that looks good on all the girls that they’ll treasure forever. Choose a theme or color and allow the girls to find their own dresses that fit them (and their wallet). Provide accessories as your gift instead. To at least keep the style consistent to the wedding, maybe have the girls all wear the same shoes. Still not convinced? Take a look at mismatched dresses and shoe ideas on While you’re there, check out Perfect Day Wedding Planners’ boards.

5.  PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP — For some, this is non-negotiable. We personally LOVE this part but for some, the budget warrants cut backs. Please do not feel guilty spending money on it but if you have a friend who is great in this area, by all means, enlist their services and then save save up for that honeymoon! (REMEMBER:  Anything visible in your wedding day photos is permanent.)

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Groomsmen Gray Ties and Yellow Suspenders

6.  TUXES — Weddings aren’t the formal event they used to be. If you’re wanting a more laid back wedding, have the guys in nice slacks and suspenders; or allow your guys to relax in their style. They’ll love you for it! Just be sure–whatever the girls and guys wear–that it matches your wedding style and theme!

Come back next week as we give you six more ideas of things your wedding can do without! Be sure and call us to schedule your consultation. We absolutely love helping plan the weddings of Chicago area brides!



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