Tuesday Tips — Throwing Yourself an Engagement Party?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding ring

After he’s popped the question and put a ring on it, you want to tell the world–right? And what better way than to throw a PARTY?! This is certainly not a requirement or matter of etiquette. Tradition says that the parents of the bride-to-be should be the ones to host an engagement party. If that’s not feasible, or you want the engagement announcement to be a surprise, you could just throw it yourselves! Heck, it seems everyone’s bucking wedding traditions these days!

Here are some tips along with questions to ask yourselves as a couple before you embark on this pre-wedding adventure.

1. Do you want a formal or casual gathering? Formal would probably require a sit-down dinner. Do you have a space large enough to host everyone you would want to invite? Does your budget allow for that? A casual affair is basically “anything goes”. What about just an intimate potluck with your very closest friends and family? Or an outside BBQ?

2. Do you want to send out invitations? Or just invite people by phone, text, email or e-vites?

3. What kind of food do you want to serve? Again, this boils down to formal or casual. Don’t try to make it so big of a deal that everyone gets stressed out. Save that adrenaline for your wedding planning! Food and drink should be simple, yet sufficient.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners food buffet

4. Do you want lots of decor or does it even matter? You could go all out with a beach or vintage theme, country or Disney dress-up party, OR your focus could just be on the fun, fellowship and the announcement! If you have your basic wedding theme picked out, then maybe try to match that. If not, no biggie…just go with your favorite colors! Check out our Pinterest board here for some ideas.

5. Do you want to provide entertainment? A piano player would be a lovely background to a formal affair.

6. Do you want to have some fun activities and/or games? Bags or Cornhole is always a party hit. Those trivia games about the couple are sure to bring much laughter. Here’s some other ideas for engagement party games.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding ring with manicured nails

7. Everyone is going to want to see the rock. So be sure and get a nice manicure and a good cleaning on that ring before your party. You know you’ll be showing it off all night long!

Remember, Chicago area wedding planners can help with more than just your wedding. We can coordinate all your events from engagement to honeymoon. We love what we do, and we love to help everything work out perfectly!



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