Thursday Trends–Bucking Wedding Traditions Part 2


We’re continuing our theme from last week with more ideas of things your wedding could do without…if you so choose.

7. FORMAL WEDDING REGISTRY — Brides and grooms are getting married later–in their late 20’s or early 30’s–and the need for a formal or traditional wedding registry is waning. Take advantage of services that work for you…a honeymoon and/or gift card registry are alternative options. 

8. DINNER — No one’s coming to the wedding for the succulent steak or Cornish game hen, folks. Let’s skip the formal dinner and do something fun and themed instead–perhaps a self-serve brunch for late morning weddings, or a dessert or appetizer buffet. You’ll save yourselves a bundle and it’ll be much more fun for you!


9. ALCOHOL — If drinking at your wedding isn’t that important to you, skip it. You’ll be amazed at how much this will reduce your wedding budget expenses. If you do not feel strongly about one drink, service wine from your big-box warehouse store to serve.  Also, just going from Premium to House brand is a simple way to cut costs!

10. A “WEDDING CAKE” — When ordering the cake, don’t mention that it’s for a wedding. This will automatically double the price. Birthday cakes have two layers of cake and one layer of filling. Order a “three-tiered cake” instead with the two layers of cake and one layer of filling. Your guests won’t even notice. Then, serve on a buffet vs. being plated and you will not have waste! Or, how about just having cupcakes?


11.  WEDDING FAVORS — Unless you can pull this off for cheap and in a non-tacky way, don’t sweat the wedding favors. Instead, do something very simple or have a card at each seat stating that you are making a donation to a charity of YOUR choice. If you have a candy buffet, you could provide little treat bags to fill at a candy station on the way out. A glass votive with your wedding date on it isn’t going to last long at anyone’s house, except for your mother-in-law’s (maybe!).

12.  LIMOUSINE SERVICE— This is something to ask yourselves…do we have a friend who has a nice, fancy convertible, or specialty car? Can we make do with our own car decorated nicely? Mom and Dad driving us to the church might suffice!

The most important thing to remember is that it’s your love, your budget, and your day! Do what you CAN and do what YOU want!

We can certainly help you keep or buck those wedding traditions in the Chicago area, and we’re ready to get started!

Do you have other ideas for wedding traditions that can be “bucked”?



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