Tuesday Tips — Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 6 Creative “Proposal” Ideas




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The sisters and girlfriends you want standing with you at your wedding have been with you through thick and thin…literally. When it comes to asking them to be a part of your special day, get creative! Between searching Google, Pinterest.com and Etsy.com, you’re sure to hit some goldmines. In fact, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards for all things wedding in the Chicago area!


In the mean time, here’s six ideas to get those creative juices flowing:


1. Your bridesmaids are often the ones to ensure you don’t “unravel” before that grand day. Tie that thought in with a handwritten message on torn fabric wrapped around an empty spool. Take a look at this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.


2. You and your fiance play the leading roles in your day, but you gotta have some other stars too! What about a star bracelet with a sweet card that reads “I’ve got the script, but I need the stars.”


3. Don’t promise you’ll pick a dress they can wear again, but make sure and promise a cute dress! This Etsy shop has instant downloads of some great cards with some sweet sayings.


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4. Bridesmaid survival kits are always a hit! Pick things that will remind them of your inside jokes while also helping them survive by your side the whole way.


5. He put a ring on your finger, so put a ring on theirs. A candy ring pop can be used in various ways. It’s cute, it’s nostalgic and it’s sugar. Enough said!


6. Make sure they know how important they are. “I couldn’t say ‘I DO’ without YOU!” is always a great sentiment. Or here’s the motherload of questions to ask!


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However you ask your “girls”, make it special. Make it memorable. And make it creative!






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