Thursday Trends — Bridal (& Groom!) Shower Themes for the Creatively-Challenged!

Perfect Day Wedding Planner Bridal Shower Cake

Typically, bridal showers are put together by your maid/matron of honor, a close friend, family member or even by your place of work. It’s usually a fun time to get together and celebrate, eat yummy food, play some silly games and open a few gifts. Having your hosts put a theme to them will help you and your fiance get a little “say” in what kinds of gifts you get.

Here’s four creative yet practical theme ideas to pass on to your hosts:

1. KITCHEN / COOKING SHOWER — Obviously this theme will be all about outfitting your kitchen with the necessities that every cook needs. Register at a well-known establishment like Target or Sears, where all your guests can see what has already been bought. You can easily make returns and exchanges at these larger stores. Don’t forget about dish towels and pot holders–those tend to be the things you don’t think about until you need them! And you will need them!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Cooking Kitchen Bridal Shower Theme

2. LINENS SHOWER — Bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes are all necessities for anyone setting up a home for the first time. If you don’t know what your color scheme will be, just go with neutrals like tan, cream or gray. You can always supplement later with a splash of color. You’re also gonna need some sheets and blankets for your new home, so don’t forget about those!

3. “PERSONAL” / LINGERIE SHOWER — This one may need to be reserved for your very closest friends. You definitely want to have one of these because every newlywed needs some good lingerie, but your boss doesn’t need to be the one buying it for you. Be sure and let your host know to include your sizes in the invitation.

4. HONEYMOON SHOWER — This theme can be all about where you are going after the big day. Register with a travel agent and your guests can purchase gift certificates to help fund your trip! This would also be a great time to register for that nice luggage set you’ve always wanted.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Honeymoon Shower

5. FIRE UP THE GRILL BBQ SHOWER — This shower is ideal for those brides wanting to include the groom in on the pre-wedding fun! Guests in attendance can be asked to bring items for the grill, such as BBQ sauces, BBQ king aprons, BBQ tools and even items for the patio while BBQing to their hearts content! While chllin’ by the grill, the host/hostess can set up a very large tub with ice and cold drinks to enjoy while waiting for the food to be done on the grill!

Take a look at our Pinterest boards for more chic ideas in planning all your pre-wedding shindigs. While you’re there, set up some boards to share with your Chicago area wedding planner. Happy showering!



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