Tuesday Tips–Ring Bearer Basics

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer holding Pillow

Little boys in velvet shorts are pretty much a thing of the past. In fact, we’ve seen girls as the ring bearers — and even dogs! After you’ve decided together as a couple whether or not to even HAVE a ring bearer, the next decision is WHO. After that, what will you have them wear?

Here are some tips as you navigate the options:

THE SKINNY: It’s the same deal as asking the flower girls. When you ask his parents if he can be in the party, you’re also working from the assumption that they’ll pay for the outfit, so bring that up in the beginning.

THE FORMALITY: Look for a tiny tux if you’re having a black tie affair. If your style is more casual, there are tons of cute options for these little guys — a lightweight cotton or linen suit, short-tails in a matching hue or a sailor suit would all work well. Pair a suit with some Converse shoes and cool shades like this cutie!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer in three piece suit

THE STYLE: Unless he’s wearing a full-on suit or tux, the ring bearer needn’t match the groom or groomsmen perfectly. Give him a bit more color and flair than you would his older counterparts. Or just give him a tie in the wedding colors and some signs to make everyone laugh.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer in tie

THE ACCESSORIES: The most important accessory for this party member is the ring pillow, so choose one that complements your theme without clashing with the ring bearer’s outfit.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer Pillow

Like some flower girls, the ring bearers might just be the comic relief from all the wedding seriousness. If they “chicken out” or run wildly instead of walk down the aisle, don’t let it ruin the day. Children can sometimes be unpredictable. Go with the flow and hope for the best. They’ll still be adorable and the parents will be honored you asked!

Check out our Pinterest boards here for more charming ring bearer options.



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