Tuesday Tips–Ring Bearer Basics

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer holding Pillow

Little boys in velvet shorts are pretty much a thing of the past. In fact, we’ve seen girls as the ring bearers — and even dogs! After you’ve decided together as a couple whether or not to even HAVE a ring bearer, the next decision is WHO. After that, what will you have them wear?

Here are some tips as you navigate the options:

THE SKINNY: It’s the same deal as asking the flower girls. When you ask his parents if he can be in the party, you’re also working from the assumption that they’ll pay for the outfit, so bring that up in the beginning.

THE FORMALITY: Look for a tiny tux if you’re having a black tie affair. If your style is more casual, there are tons of cute options for these little guys — a lightweight cotton or linen suit, short-tails in a matching hue or a sailor suit would all work well. Pair a suit with some Converse shoes and cool shades like this cutie!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer in three piece suit

THE STYLE: Unless he’s wearing a full-on suit or tux, the ring bearer needn’t match the groom or groomsmen perfectly. Give him a bit more color and flair than you would his older counterparts. Or just give him a tie in the wedding colors and some signs to make everyone laugh.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer in tie

THE ACCESSORIES: The most important accessory for this party member is the ring pillow, so choose one that complements your theme without clashing with the ring bearer’s outfit.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Ring Bearer Pillow

Like some flower girls, the ring bearers might just be the comic relief from all the wedding seriousness. If they “chicken out” or run wildly instead of walk down the aisle, don’t let it ruin the day. Children can sometimes be unpredictable. Go with the flow and hope for the best. They’ll still be adorable and the parents will be honored you asked!

Check out our Pinterest boards here for more charming ring bearer options.



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Thursday Trends — Bridal (& Groom!) Shower Themes for the Creatively-Challenged!

Perfect Day Wedding Planner Bridal Shower Cake

Typically, bridal showers are put together by your maid/matron of honor, a close friend, family member or even by your place of work. It’s usually a fun time to get together and celebrate, eat yummy food, play some silly games and open a few gifts. Having your hosts put a theme to them will help you and your fiance get a little “say” in what kinds of gifts you get.

Here’s four creative yet practical theme ideas to pass on to your hosts:

1. KITCHEN / COOKING SHOWER — Obviously this theme will be all about outfitting your kitchen with the necessities that every cook needs. Register at a well-known establishment like Target or Sears, where all your guests can see what has already been bought. You can easily make returns and exchanges at these larger stores. Don’t forget about dish towels and pot holders–those tend to be the things you don’t think about until you need them! And you will need them!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Cooking Kitchen Bridal Shower Theme

2. LINENS SHOWER — Bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes are all necessities for anyone setting up a home for the first time. If you don’t know what your color scheme will be, just go with neutrals like tan, cream or gray. You can always supplement later with a splash of color. You’re also gonna need some sheets and blankets for your new home, so don’t forget about those!

3. “PERSONAL” / LINGERIE SHOWER — This one may need to be reserved for your very closest friends. You definitely want to have one of these because every newlywed needs some good lingerie, but your boss doesn’t need to be the one buying it for you. Be sure and let your host know to include your sizes in the invitation.

4. HONEYMOON SHOWER — This theme can be all about where you are going after the big day. Register with a travel agent and your guests can purchase gift certificates to help fund your trip! This would also be a great time to register for that nice luggage set you’ve always wanted.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Honeymoon Shower

5. FIRE UP THE GRILL BBQ SHOWER — This shower is ideal for those brides wanting to include the groom in on the pre-wedding fun! Guests in attendance can be asked to bring items for the grill, such as BBQ sauces, BBQ king aprons, BBQ tools and even items for the patio while BBQing to their hearts content! While chllin’ by the grill, the host/hostess can set up a very large tub with ice and cold drinks to enjoy while waiting for the food to be done on the grill!

Take a look at our Pinterest boards for more chic ideas in planning all your pre-wedding shindigs. While you’re there, set up some boards to share with your Chicago area wedding planner. Happy showering!



Of course, we are happy to help!
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Thursday Trends–Bucking Wedding Traditions Part 1

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Things Your Wedding Can Do Without Beautiful BrideIt seems the trend these days in some weddings is to buck tradition. If your budget is already stretched, sometimes it’s best to reevaluate what things are a must and what things you can do without. We have so many ideas for you in this area that we’re gonna spread them out into two parts.

Here’s the first six things to consider doing without for your wedding:

1. SAVE-THE-DATES — Skip the printed postcards announcing  your wedding date and use e-vites, Facebook, email and the old-fashioned phone to spread the word to out-of-town guests.   (NOTE:  We still feel, however, that there is HUGE value in having this personal touch.)

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Save the Date

2.  RELATIVES TWICE REMOVED — The more you can trim your guest list, the more money you’ll save overall!   Keep the invite list to the must-haves, then send out a wedding announcement to the masses when all is said and done.

3.  LARGE BRIDAL PARTY — While it may look impressive in wedding photos, a large bridal party is going to cause more headache, stress and strain on the wallet.  (You can still incorporate those who have a special place in your heart, by giving them a special task or project to be a part of your wedding.)

4.  MATCHY-MATCHY DRESSES — Don’t even pretend you’re going to find a magical dress that looks good on all the girls that they’ll treasure forever. Choose a theme or color and allow the girls to find their own dresses that fit them (and their wallet). Provide accessories as your gift instead. To at least keep the style consistent to the wedding, maybe have the girls all wear the same shoes. Still not convinced? Take a look at mismatched dresses and shoe ideas on Pinterest.com. While you’re there, check out Perfect Day Wedding Planners’ boards.

5.  PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP — For some, this is non-negotiable. We personally LOVE this part but for some, the budget warrants cut backs. Please do not feel guilty spending money on it but if you have a friend who is great in this area, by all means, enlist their services and then save save up for that honeymoon! (REMEMBER:  Anything visible in your wedding day photos is permanent.)

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Groomsmen Gray Ties and Yellow Suspenders

6.  TUXES — Weddings aren’t the formal event they used to be. If you’re wanting a more laid back wedding, have the guys in nice slacks and suspenders; or allow your guys to relax in their style. They’ll love you for it! Just be sure–whatever the girls and guys wear–that it matches your wedding style and theme!

Come back next week as we give you six more ideas of things your wedding can do without! Be sure and call us to schedule your consultation. We absolutely love helping plan the weddings of Chicago area brides!



Of course, we are happy to help!
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REAL WEDDING: Melanie & Jerry-Fabulous and Fun!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet bridal coupleWhat a FUN Wedding!  Melanie and Jerry were a couple we assisted in a full service capacity with six months of planning details.  When we first spoke with them, it was evident that two things were very important to them:  the celebration of the two of them as a couple and to have a FUN factor at their wedding and reception.  To us, it seemed this was done beautifully!!!

Melanie and Jerome (Jerry) first met when Jerry was Best Man at Melanie’s sisters wedding in 2008.    They continued to have their paths meet and…VOILA, first date occurred in 2009!  So, remember, those weddings we attend just might have our future spouse in the crowd! Here we are, celebrating their wedding!

From day 1, they were so sweet, so appreciative, and just a wonderful couple to help along the way!  (not to mention very fun and easy to chat with over coffee) Every wedding can certainly have glitches along with way, but we do our best to help each couple achieve THEIR Perfect Day in THEIR way!  Melanie and Jerry’s wedding was a joy to be a part of!



They opted for Harrah’s Joliet Hotel.  The couple had spent a lot of time there and to them, this venue made perfect sense, as well as a perfect fit for them!  What a wonderful venue!  As Chicago area’s wedding planners & designers, Perfect Day Wedding Plannersare in constant contact with the venue for our couples and from day 1 they were absolutely fabulous!  On wedding day, we kept hearing from guests how fabulous the food was!  From our experience, they very much wanted to be sure that Melanie and Jerry were happy and had a great experience!  Harrah’s certainly came through-and gave this couple a lot of the FUN factor!

The HAIR and MAKEUP for the Bride and Bridesmaids
The bride and her bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done for the wedding day. 

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet bridesmaids

HAIR was done beautifully by Michelle Monday, who is located at Lisa Thomas SalonShe did a fabulous job, while also accenting Melanie’s beautiful hair piece as part of her outfit.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP was done by Outer Beauty Airbrush makeup...we found the girls makeup to be absolutely beautiful and Dominica is just so very sweet to work with!

The photography was done by Milestone Digital Photo & Video – from the very first snapshot of the bride getting ready, they captured the day beautifully!  The bride and groom wanted to have a FUN wedding, and the wedding photos truly captured the essence of FUN for this couple!

Some of the details………….

THE GROOMSMEN…all set to go!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet groomsmen

The couple choose the colors of Gem and Magenta/Fuschia for their wedding colors, bringing in elements accented with chair sashes, linens and fun accent pieces.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet indoor ceremonySigns for the ring bearers and flower girl were done by Invitations by Design …such a fun way for the kids to have something to hold and, because the ring bearers were young, it helped to get them down the aisle and focus on something fun!  We loved this addition!


Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry flower girl sign


A water unity ceremony was done, each pouring a different color and when it was mixed, it created their wedding color of gem.  I know it took the couple many trials to get just the right color!  This was a couple who liked to carry through every little detail right alongside us…..so perfect!

6682_10152864151260389_843821800_nOfficiant-Reverend Ryan Hough-as a close friend who officiated the ceremony, and also his first wedding he officiated, the couple presented him a special sash, with colors in jade (yes, accent colors of the wedding, too!).  Melanie and Jerry helped to bring some very sweet and sentimental touches through in this wedding, and this special gift to the officiant was so wonderful!


When we met with the florist we shared how important the special details were to the couple. A little bit of bling, and a whole lot of FUN!  A few touches we noticed came through beautifully including the bride’s bouquet (notice the gems shining through); a special personalized wrap for each bridesmaid bouquet, with a message embroidered on them from the bride to each bridesmaid-this was so sweet and personal!




IMG_6883The reception centerpieces included some fabulous fuschia colored flowers with glow bracelets surrounding the vases so they lit up when the lights were down low-what fun!

IMG_6846 - Copy (2)


Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet cocktail table centerpiecesSome fun light effects as well included lumiton glow sticks at every place setting and glow bracelets in the bride’s gown, to get the party going!

We want to thank Town and Country Gardens for such wonderful touches and we love seeing their beautiful work, as well as the look on the couple’s face when they see it all come together!


Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet reception room setup

971406_10152864155505389_2071102007_nTHE CAKE
Toni Patisserie
provided the beautiful sweets for the couple’s wedding day!


421349_10152864155220389_1287341665_n - Copy


IMG_6817 - CopyMelanie and Jerry opted for a very fitting cupcake tower for this modern wedding, along with a traditional cake for the top tier.   A very fun celebration we had as well, included a birthday cake for the bride.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melanie.  What fun it is to sing Happy Birthday to the bride with 250 friends and family surrounding you!

The reception-fun for all!

Cocktail Reception Music by the groom’s nephew-John Allen Terry (The-Better-Daze-Band)

DJ -music and announcements-Laser Sounds

There is nothing to show the excellence of a DJ more than a crowded, excited dance floor.  This was a FUN crowd and Laser Sounds did an excellent job getting the crowd going.  (the DJ was also a wedding gift for the bride and groom-what a nice touch!)


Perfect Day Wedding Planners DJ light stand

6945_10152864158600389_507997161_nEven the young crowd was on the dance floor!

7759_10152864156880389_1778548654_nThe bride and her father steppin’ it up on the dance floor….this was fun!


970253_10152864156915389_1744737771_nFirst Dance970711_10152864156175389_1260344568_n

PHOTO BOOTH-Chicago Style Photo Booth

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Jolietphoto booth pictureHUGE hit of the night-guests had a blast with this it seemed!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners photo booth 2You see  photo booths at weddings a lot these days and it is a fabulous way to bring a whole lot of fun!  This wedding was no exception at all and the photo booth was a huge hit!  Chicago Style Photo Booth was wonderful, and they had a fun variety of props to share as well for fun photos!



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New –> Weekly Blog Posts with Tips & Trends!

perfect day wedding planners bob and arielle couple and bridal bouquetWith summer approaching, the wedding season really kicks into high gear. It seems more weddings occur in the summer and fall than any other season. I guess the warmth and desire for outdoor weddings is probably the reason. We’re not complaining about the busyness because WE LOVE WEDDINGS!

We wanted to tell you about a new feature we’ll be having on the blog each week. In addition to giving you a glimpse into the weddings we help to coordinate, each Tuesday and Thursday will have some special features. Tuesday will be focused on tips — anything that will give you an “aha” moment about your wedding. Maybe it’ll be a small thing that makes everything come together. Maybe it’s a big thing that spurs you to change something from your original plans. Maybe it’ll be both! Come back each week for “Tuesday Tips”.

Every Thursday will be focused on the trends we see emerging. Weddings are kinda like clothing styles — they ebb and flow with the times and the what’s going on in the world. Look back at weddings from the 80’s and you’ll see lots of brown, muted yellow and peach. Wedding dresses in the 70’s seemed to have lots of lace and high necklines. See where we’re going here? Each decade — and even year to year — brings different styles that seem to spread. Join us every week for “Thursday Trends” and see what will strike your fancy.

Have a great Monday, and come back tomorrow!