Thursday Trends–FUN AND CREATIVE Placecard Ideas

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Place Card Table

Have you thought at all about the place cards for your wedding reception? This may seem like a very small detail, but think about this. When you arrive to a wedding reception, what is the first thing YOU look for? Where you’re going to sit, right?? So, do you think this is a pretty important aspect of the reception? YES!

We’ve had some really creative place cards at our weddings recently. Take a look at these ideas:

RUSTIC MEETS SHABBY CHIC — We love what Amanda and Andrew did with their place cards. The bride lovingly hand wrote each name on bright yellow card stock draped over a piece of twine strung inside a rustic picture frame. Miniature clothespins helped to keep them attached, while also adding an aesthetic touch.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Yellow Place Cards and Old Picture Frame Display

WEDDING COLORS AND WINE CORKS — Kandice and Joe recruited a lot of friends over the past year to give them their wine corks. They carefully sliced the side of each one and then we set in the pre-printed cards. Each name was mounted on navy card stock for another pop of their wedding colors.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Placecards in Wine Corks

SENTIMENTALITY AND SIMPLICITY — Michelle and Marcus decided to keep it simple on elegant white printed cards in a calligraphy font. Their creativity and sentimentality came out in the picture display of Michelle’s parents from their wedding day many years prior. The frame is also a vintage piece and very special piece to the family.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Reception Placecard Table with Parent Picture

DOUBLE DUTY PLACE CARD AND FAVOR — Katie and Andrew intertwined their wedding colors, seating placement AND a favor all in one! They hand wrote each name and table number and then mounted each to designer paper. The cards were then slid into a clear plastic bookmark holder which also doubled as a place to store the photo booth pictures! The ribbon ties on the ends proudly displayed their wedding colors. What a GREAT favor idea that will be used by many!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Placecard Bookmarks   Perfect Day Wedding Planners Place Cards Photo Booth Bookmark


PHOTO BOARD PLACE CARDS — The ultimate in originality is a place card board! Create your own wedding photo out of your place cards!  Very fun and unique! Perfect Day Wedding Planners DAY OF stationery team can assist you with this. CLICK HERE for a quote.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Place Card Photo Board

COOKIE PLACE CARDS — We have some excellent bakers who SPECIALIZE in cookie place cards, personalized to your big wedding day! CONTACT US HERE for more information on these fun food place cards!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Wedding Cookie Place Cards

Your Chicago Area Wedding Planners can design any type of place cards around your theme or find a resource who can. Assembling and making your own place cards is a very time consuming project and for just $1-$2 each, it is worth the investment to ask for assistance. Give us a call before you get to that point. 🙂



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Tuesday Tips — Perfectly Creative Wedding Favors


Last week on Tuesday Tips we talked about edible wedding favors. This week we want to focus on some other creative ways to say “THANKS!” to your special wedding guests. is a wonderful place to get ideas, but don’t get too overwhelmed! Do you love DIY (do-it-yourself) and crafting or are you the type that would rather order something personalized and be done with it? A lot of brides think they can tackle the project of the wedding favors themselves. After assembling 200 or more personalized tags, you may wish you had delegated that job to someone else. Think long and hard about how much work you want to put into your favors. You could have a girls-night-in with your bridesmaids and put everything together if you do decide to DIY. Why not? It’s a great excuse to have some fun with your girls before the big day! Read on for a few creative options we love.

We love the wedding favor picture above. This couple gave favor choices–growable, flammable or edible! You can’t go wrong with a sweet jar filled with either wildflower seeds, a fragrant candle or some delectable chocolate.


If you’re having a beach themed wedding, anything with shells is always a hit. These can then be placed in their home as decor around a candle or in a display cabinet.


Add shells to a small photo frame and they can place your wedding picture in there when you send a copy in your thank you note!


Personalized wine stoppers to keep the air out of wine and the bubbly bubbly are a classy way to show your appreciation. Why not add a small bottle of wine from a local vineyard?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wine bottle label favors


Are you a golf fan? Then these are the perfect favors. What a great way to show your love will last FORE-EVER. See what we did there?


Any favor looks better with great packaging! Use your wedding colors, ribbon and personalized tags to tie it all together.


Oh you know your guests want to see you kiss! Why not provide the bells for them to ring? This has a practical use for the night, as well as being something they could use for a Christmas tree ornament in the future–especially if your wedding is around Christmas! Add a cute poem on the tag like this:

May laughter and joy fill this room
as we toast the bride and groom.
Please take this little Wedding Bell…
Ring it loud and ring it well.
With each sound they will show their bliss
by sharing in a Wedding Kiss!!


If hosting your wedding in a town that has a famous eatery, candy maker or favorite haunt, share something from the region. Package your favors in a colorful container or canning jar and add a personalized tag, like the ones above. This is a great way to add some hometown flair!


Personally, we think one of the most creative favor ideas is when the couple opts to make a donation to a cause they are passionate about. Pick an organization or ministry that is important to you as a couple, then let your guests know you made a donation in their names. Give them a take-a-way with more information about the cause.

We hope these ideas got your creative juices going! Comment and share your ideas with us!



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Tuesday Tips — Who Wouldn’t Love an Edible Wedding Favor?

Wedding favors are a huge part of “giving back” and showing thanks to your friends and family. It’s also a way to really let your creativity as a couple show in the choice of your theme, colors or geographical location. Edible wedding favors are a delectable and nice touch. Give your guests a kiss of chocolate, a hint of mint, or a satisfying sweet taste as the celebration of your fabulous wedding continues.

Here are just a few creative choices as you work out the details with your Chicago area wedding planner:

Perfect Day Wedding Planners bride and groom cake pops

Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Yummy and personalized sugar cookies wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied off with ribbons in your colors are always a sweet hit. Your guests will probably end up eating them before the day is over!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Wedding Cookie Favors

Personalized Gourmet Cookies

These coffee favor packets can be incorporated in to your tablescape, placed on each plate, or on display for guests to take when they leave for the evening. They may need some strong black coffee the next morning depending on how hard they celebrated your day!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding favor coffee packet

Coffee Packs

These wrapped Krispy Kreme donuts are likely to be eaten before the main course! Or maybe they’ll be the perfect snack in the middle of the night after the wedding. Who can resist?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding favors donuts

Wrapped and Personalized Donuts!

Everyone loves milk and chocolate chip cookies! Maybe there is a local dairy or organic farm that have some small milk bottles like the ones below. Could you talk Grandma into making her super secret, special ingredient homemade cookies?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding favors milk and cookies

Chocolate Milk / Milk & Cookies

How about a spot of tea? Loose tea in a tin container all wrapped up in a bow looks very classy. Personalize them with a sticker and they could also double as place cards!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Loose Tea Wedding Favors

Loose Tea in Tin Container



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