Tuesday Tips–How To Pick A Wedding Theme

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Super Bowl Football Wedding Theme

Combining the dreams, tastes, likes/dislikes, nationalities and personalities of two people for one of the biggest days of your lives is a big feat. Your wedding choices will be the first of many big decisions you make in your married life.

Here are some questions to ask each other and tips for choosing a theme you are both happy with:

1. HERITAGE — Consider the nationalities of your families. Have you always wanted to incorporate traditions from your religion into your wedding day? How will this play out in your choices together? Maybe you’ll both decide a destination wedding that fits with your culture is the best plan!

perfect day wedding planners prayer ceremony wedding vows

2. COLORS — This is usually the starting point for many couples. Maybe talk first as a couple about the colors you don’t like and go from there. It’s usually best to pick two or three contrasting colors instead of just one. You could even just go with different hues of the same color. Here’s a great Pinterest board with some color palette ideas. We also have several color inspirations on our Pinterest boards.

3. SEASON — Would you like the season of your wedding to dictate your decor theme? Fall is a wonderful time for an outdoor wedding and usually calls for the rich, deep colors of brown, orange, yellow and green. Winter is a wonderful time for blues and whites or the bright reds and greens of Christmas time. Spring is typically filled with a mix of pastel colors and the fresh floral blooms of the season. Summer is a great time for a beach theme.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Fall and Cubs Baseball Wedding Theme

4. LOCATION — You’ll want to make sure that any colors or themes you use don’t clash with your venue. If the room where you’re holding your ceremony has an art deco vibe to it, a vintage or shabby chic inspired theme will probably not work out too well.

There are many things to consider as you pick out the basic components to your wedding. However, once these are chosen, other decisions may fall right into place. Your Chicago area wedding planners are standing ready to help!



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Tuesday Tips–Top 8 Do’s and Don’ts in Planning Your Wedding

Top 8 Do's and Don'ts in Planning Your Wedding
–> DO set your date so you know which venue works within that. This is the #1 thing to do. Check with your immediate family and closest friends.
–> DON’T hire vendors before your wedding date is booked at your venues.
–> DO book your venue. Definitely the second most important thing to do.
–> DON’T hire your florist without having your wedding party size confirmed and wedding theme chosen. How can you choose without knowing what look you are after?
–> DO hire a planner who helps you stick to your budget and saves you costs. Read our post here about tips on hiring a wedding planner.
–> DON’T take on too many DIY projects. You will overwhelm yourself, and max out the stress. We suggest only 1-3 smaller projects. Pinterest wedding ideas will take over your life if you let them. 🙂
–> DO start your wedding timeline (schedule of events) once you begin booking your vendors. Click here for a sample timeline.
–> DON’T jump ahead in the wedding schedule. The suggested order is there for a reason. When one thing gets ahead of another, there can be an unintended ripple effect.



Of course, we are happy to help!
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Thursday Trends — Reception Tents, Chandeliers, Lounges and Bling!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners wedding tent lighting and tables

Are you opting for an outdoor wedding with a huge tent for your reception? Then you’ll definitely want a way to spice up those drab white and canvas ceilings and walls. One of the trends we’re seeing in Chicago area weddings are glamorous tent lighting options–like crystal or black metal chandeliers and hanging vintage Edison bulbs–along with all types of serene and blinged out lounge areas. The use of vintage chairs, tables and accessories can provide a vibe to your day that will make it unique and memorable.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners outdoor wedding tents chandelier lighting

White light strands (also called twinkle lights) always have a sweet impact. We love how they can make any room sparkle. And you can’t beat the price. What about some chinese lanterns dangling from the ceiling in varying shapes, sizes and colors? If you don’t like plain, add some of your floral picks to the chandeliers.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners tent garden wedding furniture

You’ll want to provide your guests a few spaces to rest their tired feet from kicking up their heels. This lounge area has a welcoming ambiance from the fluffy pillows to the cushioned ottomans–a welcoming couch and warm candle lighting. You might have to wake someone up if they get too comfy.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners tent outdoor furniture

Don’t forget about providing some cozy areas outside your reception tent. If the weather is kind to you, your guests will want some fresh air. Simple seating like this wooden bench on a summer wedding day is a quaint spot to sit for a while.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners tented and outdoor furniture

Even though this picture looks like it may have been from an small, intimate ceremony, we’re loving these modern white chairs and red and white pillows. Scatter these modern chairs throughout your reception area (inside and out) and conversation is sure to spark. Provide some bedazzled citronella candles for lighting as the sun sets and they may never want to leave.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our “Reception Ideas” Pinterest board where we found lots of rustic to glam lounge ideas. We have lots of relationships in the Chicago area for lounge furniture rental. Let’s work together to find just the right touch for your friends and family.

Do you have any lighting or lounge area LOVES?



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Tuesday Tips – Part 2 – What Items Can You Consider for Wedding Rentals?

Morgans ceremony aisleLast week on Tuesday Tips we talked about rentals of linens for your wedding. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of items you can rent to make your day shine. From chairs to lighting, chargers to china, and tents to dance floors… the skies the limit! Renting your equipment is a smart budgeting decision for couples. Think of it as a gourmet store filled with the latest wedding trends and choices galore!

One very important detail — work with your wedding planner to find and contact your desired rental company PRONTO! You want to make sure the items you need are available and reserved well ahead of time. Plan for at least six months before your wedding to ensure you get what you want.

Wedding Chair Rentals, Chicago Wedding Planner

Chivari Chair

Ceremony Decor Rentals of chairs are a definite need for an outdoor ceremony, and to the preferred look to match your theme. There are several choices in this area from white garden chairs to Chivari. Will you want them to be padded or not? Will you want them covered or bare? Do you want an altar at the front? Do you need a special table for your sand, colored water or unity candles? What about a riser for your bridesmaids to stand on to ensure their heels don’t sink into the ground? We can customize your look with our preferred Chicago area wedding rental vendors to find just the right touches for your reception rental decor. There are so many things to consider. Some other options to think about are:

  • Backdrops in fabric to match your color and decor to offset the look of your photos
  • Arches or chuppahs in a variety of material and color
  • Aisle treatments, including items such as rose petals, draping of tulle or sil, along with floral and bows
  • Columns with floral arrangements
  • Aisle runners
gold chargers, chicago wedding planner, wedding rentals

Elegant Gold Chargers

Reception — This is where most of the time will be spent by your guests, and you don’t want them sitting on the ground or eating with their fingers! Your serving dishes, place settings, stemware and silverware will most likely be included in your venue’s pricing. In fact, if your venue is also your caterer, this will most definitely be the case unless you want special china or something out of the ordinary. If you have an outside caterer, you’re probably going to need to rent your table settings. We have special rates works out with vendors and will make sure you don’t forget anything!Consider these questions:

  • Plate chargers or no? They can really add that extra oomph.
  • Would you like die cut crystal stemware or plain?
  • Do you like plain white settings or do you prefer clear glass?
  • Would you rather glass water pitchers at the tables or do you prefer silver?
  • What kind of lighting ambiance would you like? We specialize in up-lighting for walls in the color to match your theme and a photo success.
  • Have you considered lounge furniture? This will give your guests a separate comfy area to relax. As a Chicago wedding planner, we are seeing many more furniture rentals these days.

Tents & Temporary Flooring Another consideration for outside weddings is tent rentals. Your choices here are plenty. There are open sided tents, closed, and ones with clear tops to allow for ample natural lighting while keeping out unwanted weather elements or pesky pests. Make sure you work out set up with your rental company. You don’t want to be stuck with trying to find friends to figure it out. Renting temporary flooring for your tent is also a necessity. Whether you cover the whole tented area or just the dance floor — make sure you don’t forget this. Wood, vinyl or slate are some of the many options available.

Floral Centerpiece with glow sticks in vase

Mirror base with glow sticks inside the centerpiece

Tabletops — Mirrors, vases, candelabras, cylinders…these are just a few of the items you can rent for your tablescapes. Mirrors under your centerpiece will help to reflect light and make it appear grander than it really is. Candles in matching or mismatched holders are always a classy choice. Glass cylinders with floating candles are simple and elegant. LED lights mixed in with your floral arrangements or table decor can add just the right amount of lighting for an elegant ambiance.

We’re just scratching the surface of all the rental options for your special day. CONTACT US for more information about Chicago area wedding rentals to customize your dream day and make it a reality.



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Thursday Trends — Destination Weddings

Perfect Day Wedding Planners  Destination Wedding — Beachfront Ceremony

Believe it or not, some destination weddings can come in under the cost of a traditional wedding at a local venue. You will just be spending your money in a different way. You will probably end up inviting fewer guests and be able to spend more intimate time with them during the wedding festivities.

When you have a lot of family spread out, it’s the perfect way to bring everyone together. Quality family time in a gorgeous locale, with your closest loved ones, will be that much more special than a huge guest list of people you don’t know as well. What’s not to love about this?

Here are a few questions for you and your spouse-to-be to ask yourselves when considering a destination wedding possibility:

  1. Do you have a specific resort or destination (country) in mind?
  2. Are you looking for an all inclusive resort?
  3. Are you looking for an adults’ only resort?
  4. Do you want a quiet, romantic resort or a more upbeat and lively one?
  5. Do you prefer a fabulous beach or is having a great pool more important?
  6. What kind of room options do you prefer (ocean view, standard, Jacuzzi suites, etc.)?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners — Destination Weddings — Sandals Grande St. Lucian All-Inclusive Resort

Remember, though, that destination weddings can be tricky to plan from far away. It’s really important to not be shy about asking lots of questions. Whether you are planning a wedding in the Bahamas or a Vineyard in Napa Valley, make sure you compare at least 3-4 venues before making your final decision. Here’s a few questions to consider:

1. Is the date available? (Aha….the most important question!)

2. What are a few of the best features of a wedding at your facility versus your competitors?

3. What kind of wedding packages do you offer? Or is everything custom or à la carte?

4. If there is not a specific wedding package, how are weddings priced? Is there a per guest price?

5.  How do prices vary according to the season, day of the week, or time of day?

One bonus about destination weddings is that the celebrations are usually spread out over several days. This creates a wonderful opportunity for more celebrations, such as dinners, parties and even a little sightseeing! You can lavish your dearest friends and family with unique activities, experiences and group events.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners -- Destination Weddings -- Alberca

Perfect Day Wedding Planners — Destination Weddings — Alberca

We would be honored to help you plan your perfect destination wedding. Let’s get together over coffee and dream about it together. CONTACT US for a consultation — we’re offering 20% off for our services when you book by August, 2013. 



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New –> Weekly Blog Posts with Tips & Trends!

perfect day wedding planners bob and arielle couple and bridal bouquetWith summer approaching, the wedding season really kicks into high gear. It seems more weddings occur in the summer and fall than any other season. I guess the warmth and desire for outdoor weddings is probably the reason. We’re not complaining about the busyness because WE LOVE WEDDINGS!

We wanted to tell you about a new feature we’ll be having on the blog each week. In addition to giving you a glimpse into the weddings we help to coordinate, each Tuesday and Thursday will have some special features. Tuesday will be focused on tips — anything that will give you an “aha” moment about your wedding. Maybe it’ll be a small thing that makes everything come together. Maybe it’s a big thing that spurs you to change something from your original plans. Maybe it’ll be both! Come back each week for “Tuesday Tips”.

Every Thursday will be focused on the trends we see emerging. Weddings are kinda like clothing styles — they ebb and flow with the times and the what’s going on in the world. Look back at weddings from the 80’s and you’ll see lots of brown, muted yellow and peach. Wedding dresses in the 70’s seemed to have lots of lace and high necklines. See where we’re going here? Each decade — and even year to year — brings different styles that seem to spread. Join us every week for “Thursday Trends” and see what will strike your fancy.

Have a great Monday, and come back tomorrow!

Real Wedding — Vintage Touch in Yellow and Grey

Amanda and Andrew

This was a beautiful wedding! A little vintage in the color theme of yellow and grey…just loved it! We knew Amanda through the her mother, Jill, in association with the children’s theater program that our daughters are in. (Word of mouth is such a blessing!) Jill asked us to step in and assist as the DAY OF planners, giving her more time to spend with her family. What a wonderful blessing! She was helping Amanda with the details of the wedding while Amanda was a teacher in another state. So…the journey began about two months before the wedding. As the date approached, I quickly saw Amanda’s creativity and organizational skills come to life in the form of a beautiful day! I hope it was all Amanda was hoping for!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Amanda and Andrew bride and groom real wedding


Both the ceremony and reception were held at Danada House in Wheaton, Illinois. The ceremony was held outdoors under stately and mature oak trees, with friends Jordan (on guitar) and Alixx singing with a voice like an angel. One of the most touching aspects to the ceremony was the ‘Foot Washing’… so moving! What a wonderful depiction of serving each other! This is a great option for couples looking at a unity ceremony for a Christian wedding.

The reception was in the indoor banquet room, which has large windows to see outside. The bride and groom arranged outdoor games for the guests while the wedding party had photos behind the beautiful oak trees! One of the wonderful aspects that Danada House offers is a rolling landscape, nestled behind a 23-stall Kentucky style stable.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners outdoor games for reception


The bride and groom’s story included great food at Chipotle so they incorporated a self serve buffet of burritos, beans and rice catered by Qdoba Mexican Grill. From what we saw, this was a huge hit! Each table had their own chips and salsa while waiting for dinner, and delicious lemonade was served in mason jars.

The color theme was yellow and grey. What a beautiful start for a June wedding. The floral bouquets for the wedding party were made by the groom’s mother…just beautiful! The colors absolutely popped in so many elements of the day, and looked amazing! The linens for the head table and cake table were grey with yellow napkins. The highboys held linens in yellow with a grey sash wrapped around the legs. Everything tied together so nicely.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners bride and groom photos with placecardsPerfect Day Wedding Planners placecard holder

Perfect Day Wedding Planners, vintage books, reception centerpieces, lemonsPerfect Day Wedding Planners menu cards napkinsPerfect Day Wedding Planners reception highboy linens

One wonderful touch we enjoyed was the sweets and candy buffet table in the wedding colors, mixed in with homemade treats from the family. The bride’s mother made the wedding cake…a labor of love and simple elegance at it’s best! The beverage station held mason jars in ice with yellow striped straws that we recommend so often. The bride used some great dispensers to hold the lemonade beverages and added lemon slices as a beautiful garnish. This created a ‘romantic themed summer wedding’ so wonderfully — from the bride’s dress, the outdoor ceremony and the special reception touches, this day was pulled together so wonderfully!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners head table

During the reception, the bride and groom played a wonderful video of the two of them before and after they met. It was a sentimental touch for everyone in attendance to share in their special love.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners vintage suitcase for cards

DJ Entertainment was done by a friend, Alixx, who was also the soloist for the wedding ceremony.  She did a wonderful job at helping me keep everything on schedule so they could have their special ‘traditions’ done in enough time, while still having some time to ‘get it on’ on the dance floor!

323295_10151877924045475_1499349418_o AandA_ 4047

Final send off for the bride and groom as “Mr. and Mrs.” was down a long glass hallway with light sticks and lanterns…such a wonderful touch to end the night! 


Photography was done by Greg Napoli — http://www.gregnapoli.com.   

Lastly, I want to thank the bride’s mother, Jill, for allowing me to help her enjoy being the ‘mother of the bride’ on the wedding day, to Amanda for trusting me to assist so her day was just as she envisioned, and to Andrew for being so wonderfully patient through the entire process. The two of you have a wonderful life ‘as one’ to look forward to. Congratulations!


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