Thursday Trends–Should You Have A “First Look” or “First Touch” Photo?

Seeing each other before the ceremony…such a controversial subject!

Even though this wedding tradition is seeping with superstition, many still follow it.

If you’re ready to shirk this superstitious tradition, then a “first look” moment may be just the thing. We adore the expressions on Andrew and Amanda’s faces as they see each other! LOVE!

Perfect Day<br />
Wedding Planners First Look Photos Amanda and Andrew

Perfect Day<br />
Wedding Planners First Look Photos Bride Admires

There are actually several benefits to seeing one another before the ceremony. When you’re away from the tension of the ceremony and details, you can experience this unique and personal moment more freely. You can both let your emotions flow without fear of being on display. Some couples have said that it even took their nervousness away and they were more relaxed during the ceremony than they thought they would be.

Perfect Day<br />
Wedding Planners First Look Photos Groom Admires

According to one wedding photographer, there are several circumstances that could call for a “first look”:

  • You have an evening ceremony and you want to use natural light to capture your important photos.
  • You have a tight wedding schedule and you need to do all of your group/family photos before the ceremony.
  • You want to have plenty of time to venture out for your bride/groom photos.
  • You don’t mind trying out this new tradition.

Only you can decide if this is the right choice for you & your groom!

Not ready to dive in head first with breaking this tradition? Then maybe a “first touch” is a better choice.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners First Touch Photo<br />
with Door

Perfect Day Wedding Planners First Touch Photo<br />
with Tears

It’s still a moment dripping with emotion and anticipation. Many have also opted to read each other a special note at this time! What a sweet memory!

Both of these options definitely make for some great photo opportunities. Discuss these ideas with your Chicago Area Wedding Planners. They might be just the solution to some photography timing issues or your wedding day nerves!

Why not take a look through our Pinterest board for some “first touch” or “first look” inspiration?

What do you think of this wedding trend?



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Tuesday Tips–How To Pick A Wedding Theme

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Super Bowl Football Wedding Theme

Combining the dreams, tastes, likes/dislikes, nationalities and personalities of two people for one of the biggest days of your lives is a big feat. Your wedding choices will be the first of many big decisions you make in your married life.

Here are some questions to ask each other and tips for choosing a theme you are both happy with:

1. HERITAGE — Consider the nationalities of your families. Have you always wanted to incorporate traditions from your religion into your wedding day? How will this play out in your choices together? Maybe you’ll both decide a destination wedding that fits with your culture is the best plan!

perfect day wedding planners prayer ceremony wedding vows

2. COLORS — This is usually the starting point for many couples. Maybe talk first as a couple about the colors you don’t like and go from there. It’s usually best to pick two or three contrasting colors instead of just one. You could even just go with different hues of the same color. Here’s a great Pinterest board with some color palette ideas. We also have several color inspirations on our Pinterest boards.

3. SEASON — Would you like the season of your wedding to dictate your decor theme? Fall is a wonderful time for an outdoor wedding and usually calls for the rich, deep colors of brown, orange, yellow and green. Winter is a wonderful time for blues and whites or the bright reds and greens of Christmas time. Spring is typically filled with a mix of pastel colors and the fresh floral blooms of the season. Summer is a great time for a beach theme.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Fall and Cubs Baseball Wedding Theme

4. LOCATION — You’ll want to make sure that any colors or themes you use don’t clash with your venue. If the room where you’re holding your ceremony has an art deco vibe to it, a vintage or shabby chic inspired theme will probably not work out too well.

There are many things to consider as you pick out the basic components to your wedding. However, once these are chosen, other decisions may fall right into place. Your Chicago area wedding planners are standing ready to help!



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Tuesday Tips–Receiving Lines . . . Yay or Nay?

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Receiving Line Sweetheart TableHow in the world are you going to see, talk to and thank everyone who comes to your wedding?! You definitely want to extend your gratitude to friends and family who traveled from afar, and receiving lines have usually been the solution to this dilemma. Traditionally, they are also considered good and proper etiquette. But most wedding traditions and etiquette are being questioned like crazy these days! If you decide to buck the status quo, here are other options beyond the traditional receiving line based on the number of people attending your day.

  • Having fewer than about 50 guests? Have a cocktail hour right after your ceremony. After you get those last few pictures done, head on over where everyone is gathered!
  • For a guest list of about 100, you could just have your officiate dismiss guests row by row. You could stay at the front of your ceremony site or just outside the entry doors.
  • Any wedding over 150 guests should probably include the typical receiving line at the reception site or NO LINE AT ALL!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Receiving Line Thank You

Finally, it is not a necessity to have a receiving line at your wedding. Focus on talking to your family and then meet the remaining guests on the dance floor, where you will likely spend the rest of the evening anyway.  Whatever option you decide on as a couple will be great. Do what fits your personalities and the “feel” of your wedding. Make sure your guests have fun and feel thanked and it’ll all work out just fine.



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Thursday Trends — Celebrating Your Day With A Little Patriotism?


Americans tend to be just a little patriotic around the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Nothing wrong with a little pride in your homeland, huh? In Chicago we do 4th of July quite well, if you don’t mind us saying.  As Chicago suburb wedding planners we LOVE this trend…a trend toward blending this patriotism into wedding celebrations, and we think it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. We’ve always loved anything Americana, rustic or decor that incorporates flags — so we’re definitely digging this current trend and hope it lasts a long time! In fact, Perfect Day Wedding Planners has a full-service wedding on Veterans’ Day in 2014. The couple’s vision is exceptional, and we can’t wait to start working out all the details to make it perfect!

Bridal Couple in front of American flag

Though we’ve seen brides wear a flag-inspired wedding dress, or even a bright red one, you don’t have to go that extreme! Remember, white goes with everything! Why not just let the rest of the wedding day bling accent YOU as a couple? You can always accessorize with red shoes and jewelry. Having the guys wear flag socks or bow-ties would be a zany and fun touch! Navy tea-length bridesmaids dresses (as opposed to royal blue) would be a perfect compliment and soften the effect a bit of all the bright red accents.

Flower Girl blue and white dress

Flower Girl blue and white dress

You will have no trouble at all finding decor and patriotic flair — it’s practically everywhere you turn this time of year! If you’re planning your wedding more than a year out, you’ll definitely want to scout out the after-July 4th sales at stores like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s. You can probably rack up the goods on dried-floral centerpieces, table decor, confetti, ribbon, napkins, and rustic Americana for half price or MORE!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners 4th of July wedding tablescape

4th of July wedding tablescape

Perfect Day Wedding Planners 4th of July wedding star accents for guest tables

Patriotic Stars with a DIY flair

Perfect Day Wedding Planners 4th of July wedding closeup table of wedding

4th of July wedding table with a spalsh of summer color

How stunning your guest tables would be with red chargers, white plates and navy linen napkins? Add some bling with silver confetti stars scattered throughout the tables. Cap it off with white chair covers and a shiny silver sash tied in a perfect bow or just go with bright red Chivari chairs. What about flag inspired cake pops as wedding favors? Wow…we could go on and on!

Wouldn’t guests with sparklers lined up as you exit as Mr. and Mrs. be the PERFECT compliment to a patriotic themed wedding? One thing to have your Chicago area wedding planner make sure of, is that your venue allows sparklers. We’ve heard of a few, for fire safety reasons, that will not allow them — even though they are outside the building. How disappointing to find that out late in the game of planning! Two good things about sparklers — they’re great for pictures and there’s no mess to clean up!


4th of July weddings-what FUN!

In our opinion, a perfect bookend to your day would be driving away in a bright red convertible — either a shiny new one or vintage VW Bug!

Share your patriotic wedding ideas with us! We’re always looking for more inspiration to share with our Chicago area brides!

Thursday Trends — What About Some Rustic Fall Foods?

Fall Wedding Decor, Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding TrendsYou have to admit — fall is a beautiful backdrop for any event. From the exquisite array of colors of the leaves on the trees to the somewhat predictable weather — even if it can be a little chilly —  it’s a great time for a wedding. As Chicago suburb wedding planners, the trends we are seeing for the upcoming season are somewhat traditional, yet with their own rustic flair.

For instance, the color scheme has more of a variety. You would think most brides would pick the dark reds, oranges, mustard yellows, browns — traditional fall colors. But we’re also seeing a lot of olive-green, berry, plum and navy. It’s also a great time to incorporate metallics — like gold, copper and bronze. We love helping Chicago brides with the color design of their weddings.

For reception foods, why not serve a hot and hearty soup as your reception appetizer instead of just a plain salad? Pumpkin, butternut squash or tomato bisque are good options. A soup bar could even just be your main course. If you’d rather stick with a salad, consider adding walnuts, baked pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds as garnish options.

Traditional Thanksgiving menus like turkey and gravy, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. are always a solid choice for the main course. But, we’re also seeing more rustic comfort foods like chicken pot pies, mac and cheese, BBQ, collard greens, potato salad and the like. One of our October brides is having a scrumptious Pumpkin Ravioli…YUM! The sky is the limit as Chicago wedding designers assist you in creating the perfect meal for your day — with flair!

apple pie, fall wedding, pie buffet, chicago wedding plannerInstead of a candy or sweets bar, you could have a pie buffet. Fill it up with scrumptious pies like pumpkin, apple, pecan, cherry, and blackberry. You could even throw in some pumpkin gingerbread whoopee pies, cranberry bread, and gingersnaps! A perfectly festive favor at your guest tables might include a caramel apple wrapped up and tied with a ribbon in your fall color theme. Top it off by adhering a sticker with your unique wedding mon0gram. Wow, all this fall food talk is making us hungry!

Chicago Wedding Planner, Kane County wedding plannerFinally, if you still want to have a wedding cake, the hottest flavor continues to be chocolate — especially in the fall. Or consider another trend we’re seeing — carrot cake, pumpkin spice cake or a cheesecake big enough to serve the whole crowd. Have fun brainstorming with your Chicago wedding planner on how to serve up some fall fun for your guests! We would love to help you with all those details. Perfect Day Wedding Planners & Designers has a few more DAY OF Coordination available for Fall, 2013 weddings. Of course, we are happy to answer your questions! CONTACT US HERE!



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Tuesday Tips – Part 2 – What Items Can You Consider for Wedding Rentals?

Morgans ceremony aisleLast week on Tuesday Tips we talked about rentals of linens for your wedding. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of items you can rent to make your day shine. From chairs to lighting, chargers to china, and tents to dance floors… the skies the limit! Renting your equipment is a smart budgeting decision for couples. Think of it as a gourmet store filled with the latest wedding trends and choices galore!

One very important detail — work with your wedding planner to find and contact your desired rental company PRONTO! You want to make sure the items you need are available and reserved well ahead of time. Plan for at least six months before your wedding to ensure you get what you want.

Wedding Chair Rentals, Chicago Wedding Planner

Chivari Chair

Ceremony Decor Rentals of chairs are a definite need for an outdoor ceremony, and to the preferred look to match your theme. There are several choices in this area from white garden chairs to Chivari. Will you want them to be padded or not? Will you want them covered or bare? Do you want an altar at the front? Do you need a special table for your sand, colored water or unity candles? What about a riser for your bridesmaids to stand on to ensure their heels don’t sink into the ground? We can customize your look with our preferred Chicago area wedding rental vendors to find just the right touches for your reception rental decor. There are so many things to consider. Some other options to think about are:

  • Backdrops in fabric to match your color and decor to offset the look of your photos
  • Arches or chuppahs in a variety of material and color
  • Aisle treatments, including items such as rose petals, draping of tulle or sil, along with floral and bows
  • Columns with floral arrangements
  • Aisle runners
gold chargers, chicago wedding planner, wedding rentals

Elegant Gold Chargers

Reception — This is where most of the time will be spent by your guests, and you don’t want them sitting on the ground or eating with their fingers! Your serving dishes, place settings, stemware and silverware will most likely be included in your venue’s pricing. In fact, if your venue is also your caterer, this will most definitely be the case unless you want special china or something out of the ordinary. If you have an outside caterer, you’re probably going to need to rent your table settings. We have special rates works out with vendors and will make sure you don’t forget anything!Consider these questions:

  • Plate chargers or no? They can really add that extra oomph.
  • Would you like die cut crystal stemware or plain?
  • Do you like plain white settings or do you prefer clear glass?
  • Would you rather glass water pitchers at the tables or do you prefer silver?
  • What kind of lighting ambiance would you like? We specialize in up-lighting for walls in the color to match your theme and a photo success.
  • Have you considered lounge furniture? This will give your guests a separate comfy area to relax. As a Chicago wedding planner, we are seeing many more furniture rentals these days.

Tents & Temporary Flooring Another consideration for outside weddings is tent rentals. Your choices here are plenty. There are open sided tents, closed, and ones with clear tops to allow for ample natural lighting while keeping out unwanted weather elements or pesky pests. Make sure you work out set up with your rental company. You don’t want to be stuck with trying to find friends to figure it out. Renting temporary flooring for your tent is also a necessity. Whether you cover the whole tented area or just the dance floor — make sure you don’t forget this. Wood, vinyl or slate are some of the many options available.

Floral Centerpiece with glow sticks in vase

Mirror base with glow sticks inside the centerpiece

Tabletops — Mirrors, vases, candelabras, cylinders…these are just a few of the items you can rent for your tablescapes. Mirrors under your centerpiece will help to reflect light and make it appear grander than it really is. Candles in matching or mismatched holders are always a classy choice. Glass cylinders with floating candles are simple and elegant. LED lights mixed in with your floral arrangements or table decor can add just the right amount of lighting for an elegant ambiance.

We’re just scratching the surface of all the rental options for your special day. CONTACT US for more information about Chicago area wedding rentals to customize your dream day and make it a reality.



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REAL WEDDING: Melanie & Jerry-Fabulous and Fun!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet bridal coupleWhat a FUN Wedding!  Melanie and Jerry were a couple we assisted in a full service capacity with six months of planning details.  When we first spoke with them, it was evident that two things were very important to them:  the celebration of the two of them as a couple and to have a FUN factor at their wedding and reception.  To us, it seemed this was done beautifully!!!

Melanie and Jerome (Jerry) first met when Jerry was Best Man at Melanie’s sisters wedding in 2008.    They continued to have their paths meet and…VOILA, first date occurred in 2009!  So, remember, those weddings we attend just might have our future spouse in the crowd! Here we are, celebrating their wedding!

From day 1, they were so sweet, so appreciative, and just a wonderful couple to help along the way!  (not to mention very fun and easy to chat with over coffee) Every wedding can certainly have glitches along with way, but we do our best to help each couple achieve THEIR Perfect Day in THEIR way!  Melanie and Jerry’s wedding was a joy to be a part of!



They opted for Harrah’s Joliet Hotel.  The couple had spent a lot of time there and to them, this venue made perfect sense, as well as a perfect fit for them!  What a wonderful venue!  As Chicago area’s wedding planners & designers, Perfect Day Wedding Plannersare in constant contact with the venue for our couples and from day 1 they were absolutely fabulous!  On wedding day, we kept hearing from guests how fabulous the food was!  From our experience, they very much wanted to be sure that Melanie and Jerry were happy and had a great experience!  Harrah’s certainly came through-and gave this couple a lot of the FUN factor!

The HAIR and MAKEUP for the Bride and Bridesmaids
The bride and her bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done for the wedding day. 

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet bridesmaids

HAIR was done beautifully by Michelle Monday, who is located at Lisa Thomas SalonShe did a fabulous job, while also accenting Melanie’s beautiful hair piece as part of her outfit.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP was done by Outer Beauty Airbrush makeup...we found the girls makeup to be absolutely beautiful and Dominica is just so very sweet to work with!

The photography was done by Milestone Digital Photo & Video – from the very first snapshot of the bride getting ready, they captured the day beautifully!  The bride and groom wanted to have a FUN wedding, and the wedding photos truly captured the essence of FUN for this couple!

Some of the details………….

THE GROOMSMEN…all set to go!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet groomsmen

The couple choose the colors of Gem and Magenta/Fuschia for their wedding colors, bringing in elements accented with chair sashes, linens and fun accent pieces.

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet indoor ceremonySigns for the ring bearers and flower girl were done by Invitations by Design …such a fun way for the kids to have something to hold and, because the ring bearers were young, it helped to get them down the aisle and focus on something fun!  We loved this addition!


Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry flower girl sign


A water unity ceremony was done, each pouring a different color and when it was mixed, it created their wedding color of gem.  I know it took the couple many trials to get just the right color!  This was a couple who liked to carry through every little detail right alongside us… perfect!

6682_10152864151260389_843821800_nOfficiant-Reverend Ryan Hough-as a close friend who officiated the ceremony, and also his first wedding he officiated, the couple presented him a special sash, with colors in jade (yes, accent colors of the wedding, too!).  Melanie and Jerry helped to bring some very sweet and sentimental touches through in this wedding, and this special gift to the officiant was so wonderful!


When we met with the florist we shared how important the special details were to the couple. A little bit of bling, and a whole lot of FUN!  A few touches we noticed came through beautifully including the bride’s bouquet (notice the gems shining through); a special personalized wrap for each bridesmaid bouquet, with a message embroidered on them from the bride to each bridesmaid-this was so sweet and personal!




IMG_6883The reception centerpieces included some fabulous fuschia colored flowers with glow bracelets surrounding the vases so they lit up when the lights were down low-what fun!

IMG_6846 - Copy (2)


Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet cocktail table centerpiecesSome fun light effects as well included lumiton glow sticks at every place setting and glow bracelets in the bride’s gown, to get the party going!

We want to thank Town and Country Gardens for such wonderful touches and we love seeing their beautiful work, as well as the look on the couple’s face when they see it all come together!


Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Joliet reception room setup

971406_10152864155505389_2071102007_nTHE CAKE
Toni Patisserie
provided the beautiful sweets for the couple’s wedding day!


421349_10152864155220389_1287341665_n - Copy


IMG_6817 - CopyMelanie and Jerry opted for a very fitting cupcake tower for this modern wedding, along with a traditional cake for the top tier.   A very fun celebration we had as well, included a birthday cake for the bride.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melanie.  What fun it is to sing Happy Birthday to the bride with 250 friends and family surrounding you!

The reception-fun for all!

Cocktail Reception Music by the groom’s nephew-John Allen Terry (The-Better-Daze-Band)

DJ -music and announcements-Laser Sounds

There is nothing to show the excellence of a DJ more than a crowded, excited dance floor.  This was a FUN crowd and Laser Sounds did an excellent job getting the crowd going.  (the DJ was also a wedding gift for the bride and groom-what a nice touch!)


Perfect Day Wedding Planners DJ light stand

6945_10152864158600389_507997161_nEven the young crowd was on the dance floor!

7759_10152864156880389_1778548654_nThe bride and her father steppin’ it up on the dance floor….this was fun!


970253_10152864156915389_1744737771_nFirst Dance970711_10152864156175389_1260344568_n

PHOTO BOOTH-Chicago Style Photo Booth

Perfect Day Wedding Planners Melanie and Jerry Harrahs Jolietphoto booth pictureHUGE hit of the night-guests had a blast with this it seemed!

Perfect Day Wedding Planners photo booth 2You see  photo booths at weddings a lot these days and it is a fabulous way to bring a whole lot of fun!  This wedding was no exception at all and the photo booth was a huge hit!  Chicago Style Photo Booth was wonderful, and they had a fun variety of props to share as well for fun photos!



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